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Keep a spare hard drive or power supply on hand.


LenovoEMC Accessories Models

16TB px Series SC 4X4TB Multi-Pack HDD (Hitachi HUS724040ALE640) 4N40A33703 $2,799.00
12TB px Series SC 4X3TB Multi-Pack HDD (Hitachi HUA723030ALA640) 4N40A33702 $2,099.00
8TB px Series SC 4X2TB Multi-Pack HDD (Hitachi HUA723020ALA640) 4N40A33714 $1,499.00
4TB px Series SC 4X1TB Multi-Pack HDD (Hitachi HUA722010CLA330) 4N40A33712 $899.00
4TB px Series SC Bare HDD (excludes px12-350r)(Hitachi HUS724040ALE640) 4N40A33713 $729.00
3TB px Series SC Bare HDD (excludes px12-350r)(Hitachi HUA723030ALA640) 4N40A33711 $529.00
3TB px Series Bare HDD 7200RPM (Seagate ST3000DM001) 4N40A33709 $349.00
3TB px Series Bare HDD 7200RPM (excludes px12-350r)(Hitachi HDS723030ALA640) 4N40A33710 $349.00
3TB ix2 2-Bay HDD (Hitachi HDS5C3030ALA630) 4N40A33748 $349.00
3TB ix2 2-Bay/ix4-300d HDD (Seagate ST3000DM001) 4N40A33749 $349.00
2TB px Series SC Bare HDD (excludes px12-350r)(Hitachi HUA723020ALA640) 4N40A33708 $379.00
2TB px Pro Series HDD 7200RPM (Seagate ST2000DM001) 4N40A33707 $249.00
2TB px Pro Series HDD 7200RPM (Hitachi HDS723020BLA642) 4N40A33706 $249.00
2TB ix2 2-Bay (Hitachi HDS5C3020ALA632) 4N40A33750 $249.00
2TB ix2 2-Bay/ix4-300d HDD (Seagate ST2000DM001) 4N40A33751 $249.00
1TB px Series SC Bare HDD (excludes px12-350r)(Hitachi HUA722010CLA330) 4N40A33704 $229.00
1TB px Pro Series HDD (Seagate ST1000DM003) 4N40A33705 $199.00
1TB ix2 2-Bay HDD (Hitachi HDS721010CLA332) 4N40A33754 $199.00
1TB ix2 2-Bay HDD (Hitachi HDS5C1010CLA382) 4N40A33752 $199.00
1TB ix2 2 Bay/ix4-300d HDD (Seagate ST1000DM003) 4N40A33753 $199.00
256GB ix12/px12-350r SSD w/Carrier 4N40A33718 $579.00
256GB px4-300d/px6-300d/px4-300r SSD (Micron MTFDDAC256MAM-1K1) 4N40A33717 $579.00
128GB ix12/px12-350r SSD w/Carrier 4N40A33716 $389.00
128GB px4-300d/px6-300d/px4-300r SSD (Micron MTFDDAC128MAM-1J1) 4N40A33715 $349.00
4TB px12-400r/450r SC Parts Kit-Fan, Power Supply, HDD (Hitachi HUS724040ALE640) 4N80A34106 $999.00
3TB px12-400r/450r SC Parts Kit-Fan, Power Supply, HDD (Hitachi HUA723030ALA640) 4N80A34105 $799.00
2TB px12-400r/450r SC Parts Kit-Fan, Power Supply, HDD (Hitachi HUA723020ALA640) 4N80A34104 $699.00
1TB px12-400r/450r SC Parts Kit-Fan, Power Supply, HDD (Hitachi HUA722010CLA330) 4N80A34103 $559.00
HDD/SDD Tray px12-400r/450r 4N40A33767 $29.00
HDD/SDD Tray px12-350r 4N40A33769 $29.00
Fan px12-400r/450r 4N50A33803 $49.00
Fan ix12-px12-350r 4N50A33802 $49.00
Power Supply px12-400r/450r 4N60A33903 $229.00
Power Supply ix12/px12-350r 4N60A33902 $269.00
Power Supply px6-300d 4N60A33906 $179.00
Power Supply px4-300d 4N60A33904 $179.00
Rail Kit px4-300r (8.4"-33.5") 4N80A34102 $149.00
10GB 2 Port px12-400r/450r Ethernet Card 4N90A34202 $999.00
16 Channel Analog Encoder PCIE Card for Milestone Arcus NVR 4N90A34206 $779.00
1 Milestone Arcus Camera License-1 Year Software Upgrade Plan 4N70A34015 $69.99
1 Milestone Arcus Software Update Plan for Single Camera-1 Year 4N70A34014 $14.99
48 Mindtree Securemind Camera Licenses-px12 Rackmount 4N70A340005 $1,049.99
32 Mindtree Securemind Camera Licenses-px Rackmount 4N70A340007 $749.99
16 Mindtree Securemind Camera Licenses-px Series 4N70A340006 $449.99
8 Mindtree Securemind Camera Licenses-ix4/px Series 4N70A340004 $249.99
4 Mindtree Securemind Camera Licenses-ix4/px Series 4N70A340003 $139.99
2 Mindtree Securemind Camera Licenses-ix/px Series 4N70A340002 $69.99
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