Lenovo's Service Commitment

Until the deal reaches closing, Lenovo sellers and IBM sellers alike will continue to focus on their respective current x86 product offerings, and both companies expect their existing server operations including customer service and product availability to continue as usual. In the coming months Lenovo will work in partnership with IBM to finalize this business transaction, and to plan a smooth and seamless transition. Lenovo is buying IBM's x86 server business intact and is committed to following the IBM x86 product roadmap, including Flex and x86-based PureFlex integrated systems, and will continue to innovate around these products.

After the deal closes, IBM will continue to provide maintenance delivery on Lenovo's behalf for an extended period pursuant to the terms of a five-year maintenance service agreement with IBM. Customers will not see a change in their maintenance support.

In addition, for the IBM x86 products, after closing Lenovo will continue to maintain IBM’s existing practices re firmware builds and fixes, which include globally developing and testing source code consistent with industry practice.  Lenovo will continue to utilize IBM’s industry-leading security practices and procedures to build, compile and authenticate firmware, including patches and updates.  Lenovo is committed to work with IBM and others in the industry in a continuous effort to enhance the security of firmware development.