Your network data is a strategic asset and to protect that asset you demand powerful, reliable hard drive choices. You need no-compromises performance, superior reliability-all at prices easy on your budget. ThinkServer® storage options are tested for durability, easy to install, and easy to configure. Our HDD options provide cost-effective scalability and expandability-perfect for your growing business. Choose from cost-effective SATA, high-performance SAS, or blazingfast SSD. No matter your business needs, ThinkServer hard drives deliver the performance, reliability, and capacity you demand.

View available choices in the document iconThinkServer Hard Drive Options Datasheet.

Certified and Reliable, With Outstanding Value.
That’s What Distinguishes ThinkServer Options From the Rest.
  • Superior performance and reliability, at outstanding prices
  • An array of 3.5” and 2.5” choices, either SATA, SAS or SSD
  • A variety of capacity drives, from cost-effective 500GB to enormous 3TB choices
  • Ready availability in channel each week
  • Convenience of cross-platform compatibility on most series

Why Choose ThinkServer Hard Drives?

  • Only ThinkServer hard disk drive (HDD) options have unique firmware created specifically for ThinkServer rack and tower servers.
  • Only ThinkServer HDD options are designed expressly with ThinkServer models, with clever ergonomic drive cradles that make maintenance a snap.
  • Only ThinkServer HDD options are the same drives that are worthy enough to ship standard with a ThinkServer.
  • Only ThinkServer HDD options are rigorously tested and certified for use with Lenovo® rack and tower servers. Rest easy. They’re from the makers of Think products

What's the Right Hard Drive for You?

  • Choose 3.5” SATA drives where you demand value-focused storage solutions. These offer an unbeatable combination of high scalability yet budget-friendly prices.
  • Choose 2.5” SAS drives when performance is your priority – you demand lightning-fast access to your data to meet the demanding needs of your network. Our ThinkServer racks can support up to 16 2.5” drives.
  • Choose 2.5” SSD drives when absolute highest performance and reliability are non-negotiable. ThinkServer offers SSD drive choices for a wide array of our rack and tower servers.