With ever-changing requirements, complicated legislation, and life and death hanging in the balance, your healthcare operation needs the most reliable, powerful IT solutions available. Lenovo has proven itself, with ThinkPad laptops and tablets as trusted solutions for mobile clinical computing, ThinkCentre desktops housing VDI solutions for electronic medical records, and ThinkStation workstations handling DICOM imaging, clinical analysis, and more. Now it’s time for our ThinkServer tower and rack servers to become a bigger part of that solution, offering easy integration, reliable performance, and impeccable value.

ThinkServer Healthcare Solutions

Lenovo offers a scalable range of servers for healthcare solutions, from office reception areas to medical research and everything in-between.

ThinkServer TS130

Front Office, File & Print

The ThinkServer TS130 tower server is easily managed, quiet, and ready for the file-and-print operations of the front desk/reception office.

ThinkServer TS430

Back Office and Branch Offices

Branch offices can accomplish great things with the virtualization workloads and physician collaboration of our TS430.

ThinkServer RD430

Network Infrastructure

The RD330 or RD430 will handle whatever departmental apps, EMR deployments, application/database server workloads, or virtualization infrastructure needs you throw at it – thanks to its data center power management capability and open standards-based integration with IPMI 2.0-compliant protocols. PACS and archival systems need the performance, scalability, and storage solutions of the RD330 or RD430.

ThinkServer RD630

Research and Cloud Solutions

Check out the compute-intensive RD530 or RD630 for your life science R&D, compute-intensive workloads or for cloud solutions for multiple branch offices.