Win 7, Win 8 Upgrade Back to Services

Excited about upgrading  to Win7 or Win8 but not sure how to do it without losing your data? 

Lenovo Services Premium Support can save you time with operating system upgrades, and ensure your personal data stays secure.

What We Do Benefits to You
  • Walk you through upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8

  • Provide quick and effective method to migrate data and settings

  • Help you configure your Windows 7/8 Operating System settings

  • Re-install applications and help restore your data back to the way it was

  • Saves you time, and ensures Windows is upgraded quickly and effectively, ensuring your data is migrated safely. 

What we don’t do:
  • Provide the new Windows OS

  • Set up file and printer sharing

  • Recover lost data

  • Connect your new Windows OS to a network


Lenovo systems undergo stress tests to meet rigorous reliability standards. Many of our laptops pass 8 military tests for extreme condition with dust, vibration, heat, cold, altitude, water, and humidity.