From powerful laptops to portable desktops, from tablets for young students to workstations for teachers, Lenovo Technology for Education is a range of rugged, reliable devices that allow you to easily incorporate innovative methodologies into your school's curriculum. So whether your students are in the classroom or outside, they NEVER STOP LEARNING.

Across the world, millions of students and teachers are going through an educational transformation. They have turned to Lenovo PCs that are empowering them to improve learning outcomes as well as increase their efficiency levels in and out of the classroom

What does this mean in real terms?

  • For Students: Our PCs offer a portal through which they can access a wealth of material, making learning more fun and engaging.
  • For Teachers: A Lenovo PC is an invaluable tool for guiding students through individualised learning experiences.
  • For Leaders: The well-known reliability of Lenovo PCs and the ease with which they can be seamlessly integrated, makes them a dependable choice that fits school budgets.