Better Technology for Better Human Care

The need for Healthcare IT (HIT) is significant. Organizations rely on technology to improve care and drive innovation while reducing costs and creating new efficiencies. Ultimately, they must find new ways to connect people with possibility.

As healthcare providers struggle with the rising demand for patient services in a market complicated by cost pressures and new mandates from HITECH to the Affordable Care Act, institutions must adopt new models for engaging patients and staff while delivering high-quality, state-of-the-art care.

Lenovo is dedicated to delivering reliable, innovation-rich products and services that drive better patient care and stronger collaboration while building an IT infrastructure that supports the promise of connecting people and possibility in important new ways.

When surveyed on top tactical and strategic technology priorities, respondents to the 2014 HIMSS IT Survey indicated that clinical IT concerns are still foused on front line operations, with efficiency and compliance driving equality important bottom line priorities.

Achieve Meaningful Use

  • Completing EHR rollout
  • Demonstrating Compliance Quality Measures(CQM)
  • Patient data sharing

Optimize Current IT

  • Improving security
  • Upgrading infrastructure
  • Reducing TCO

Upgrade Busincess Systems

  • Completing ICD-10 conversion
  • Upgrading billing
  • Upgrading financial analytics

Better leverage Information

  • Extending EHR
  • Data warehouses
  • Enterprise scheduling

Focus on Clinical Systems

  • Updating physician systems
  • Supporting workflow changes
  • Boosting mobility