The support for Windows 7 expires in January 2015, so it makes sense to move up to a faster, more secure Lenovo device now, which has been optimised to get the most out of Windows 8. And of course, you will get the proven, industry leading toughness and reliability of a Lenovo PC.

Benefits to business:

  • Lowest failure rate in the industry: Lenovo® ThinkCentre® PCs have a 28% lower failure rate when compared to competition (TBR's Large Enterprise Repair Rate Study, 2011). Lenovo ThinkStation® PCs also clock the lowest failure rates according to TBR's whitepaper (Lenovo ThinkStation PCs: Supporting Enterprises' Key Business Objectives as a Leader in Reliability, July 2012).
  • Lenovo Enhanced Experience 8: A suite of hardware and software features designed to make Windows 8 experience faster and better.
  • Award–winning Windows 8 devices: Recently Lenovo bagged the Red Dot Design team of the year 2013, won over 50 awards in Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas and Lenovo devices got rave reviews at Internationale Funkausstellung, Berlin.


If you're not ready to upgrade to a Windows 8 device, you can take advantage of Lenovo's In-Place Migration service and upgrade to Windows 7 in 20 minutes. Doing it manually is less reliable and entails a lengthy period of costly downtime.

Benefits to business:

  • 30% – 40% lower migration costs
  • 50% faster migration
  • Lower risk of data loss and system failure
  • More consistent results
Dow Chemical migrates thousands of PCs from Windows® XP to Windows 7 without disrupting day to day activity using
Lenovo In Place Migration.
For more information, download the case study.
Dow Chemical Migration Case Study (569 KB)
For more information on the In-Place Migration service,
download the document.
Lenovo transition services in-place migration. (1,133 KB)


Microsoft® is going to end support for Windows® XP on 8th April, 2014 and mainstream support for Windows 7 in January, 2015. Upgrading from Windows® XP is necessary to avoid the risk of business disruption and unforeseen IT costs. Lenovo recommends switching to our modern Windows 8 optimised PCs that offer you enhanced productivity and collaboration tools.



  • Intel's 4th generation processor
  • Increased battery life of laptops and Ultrabook PCs
  • 58% performance improvement in graphics over its Ivy Bridge equivalent1


  • AMD's next gen processor
  • Designed for small, touchscreen laptops for higher graphics, computing performance and longer battery life than the Elite Mobility models
  • Delivers 10 hours of resting battery life, nine hours of web browsing, and more than six hours of 1080p video playback2

1 Intel® Unveils First Batch of Haswell Processors, Mashable.com, 1.06.2013.

2 AMD reveals next-gen mobile CPUs, claims unprecedented graphics performance,
   PCWorld, 22.05.2013.

What does 'End of Support' Mean?

You will no longer receive software updates. These include security updates designed to protect your PC from harmful viruses, spyware and other malicious software which can steal your personal information. You will also stop receiving updates to improve stability, drivers for hardware and more.


  • SECURITY RISK: Cyber attacks are increasing in both frequency and magnitude at an alarming rate, from 1000 in 1996 to millions in 20123. Lack of security updates will expose your business data to harmful viruses and malware. The threat they pose to business has increased by nearly 70% in 1H 2012 as opposeed to 1H 20113.
  • HUGE COST OF SUPPORT: Support for obselete Windows® XP will be prohibitively expensive.
  • DOWNTIME: The risk of system failure and business disruption could increase because of end of support.
  • SOFTWARE ISSUES: Many software and hardware vendors will no longer support products that are running Windows® XP4.
  • 3 FireEye Advanced Threat Report - 1H 2012.

    4 Microsoft.com, Enterprise, Australia.


Businesses need a product refresh every 3 years and migration deployment can take 18 to 32 months from business case to full deployment. Windows 8 touch-enabled devices help businesses stay up-to-date with the latest technology, keep costs down and plan for the future. Start today.

  • Microsoft® operating systems hold about 80% of the global market share5
  • Windows 8 touch improves on all that is great from Windows 7
  • Enhanced performance including faster boot ups, longer battery life and quicker WiFi reconnection
  • Business and productivity enhancements make Windows 8 more secure
  • Efficient for power users with an improved task manager and a more powerful file explorer with ribbon UI and multi-monitor improvements
  • New features such as storage spaces, file history with auto backup built-in and touch

Windows® XP
2001 – April 2014

  • No security updates and fixes
  • Serious security and privacy implications on business and personal data
  • Custom support charges will apply
  • Business, legal and regulatory risks
  • Support ends April 8, 2014

Windows 7
2009 – January 2015

  • Enables user productivity
  • Provides tools for IT to support businesses securely, protecting corporate data
  • Achieve cost efficiencies
  • Support ends January 2015

Windows 8

  • Complete mobility with superior Cloud-computing features
  • Advanced enterprise-class security features
  • Enhanced computing experience to maximise business output
  • Windows 8 touch-optimised devices offer the best Office 2013 experience
  • Designed for enhanced work and personal productivity
5 NETMARKETSHARE, as of October 2013.

Benefits of Integrating Touch into Your Business

  • EASE OF USE: One major advantage touch screens have over other input methods is ease of use. While the usual combination of keyboard and mouse is familiar to most users, the practice of reaching out and touching icons on a screen comes intuitively even to those without a computer background. A touch-screen interface can reduce training time
    for employees.
  • SPEED: Touch screens also increase the speed of tasks. Touch screens allow users to select icons directly, without worrying about translating horizontal mouse movement to a vertical screen.
  • DEVICE SIZE: By combining the data entry method with the display, you reduce the overall size of the computer or device. This advantage is most obvious when it comes to portable devices, where smartphones and tablet PCs have long since eliminated attached, microscopic keyboards in favour of a fully touch-based interface. Even in the case of full-sized PCs, using a touch screen can allow you to set up systems in areas where space is at a premium and reduce the number of components exposed to the user.
  • MOBILITY AND PRODUCTIVITY: Lenovo's latest touch-enabled devices, which were developed through partnerships with both Microsoft® and Intel®, are created smaller and lighter for better mobility, understanding that they will be used as business tools. They have accessories to turn these business tools into productivity tools. At the end of the day, Lenovo understands that people are more mobile and that the office environment is changing, our products are built so workers can take the office on the road.


Lenovo Touch and Type PCs are packed with innovative features. Powerful and responsive, they boost efficiency and are both secure and easy to manage. Plus, they are extremely portable, meaning that they can fit anywhere in the office as well as stay unplugged for longer.


Lenovo offers the most comprehensive touch-enabled product portfolio on the market.


ThinkPad® Tablet 2

The Tablet You've Been Waiting For

Everything you can do on a laptop – you can now do on a tablet. Developed in partnership with Microsoft® and Intel®, the ThinkPad Tablet 2 with Windows 8 Pro contains key security and manageability features both IT managers and end- users require.

  • Intel® Atom dual-core processor
  • Up to Windows 8 Pro
  • 10.1" HD IPS Display
  • Corporate-level security
  • IT manageability controls
  • Optional integrated digitizer pen
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
Learn More About Tablet 2>

ThinkPad® Helix
Convertible Tablet & Ultrabook

Laptop, Tablet & Everything In Between

ThinkPad Helix combines the performance of a business Ultrabook with the mobility of a Windows 8 tablet. In addition to 10 hours of battery life and digitizer pen input, Helix offers the choice of four unique modes to help you work, share or browse.

  • 3rd Gen Intel® Core processors
  • Genuine Windows 8 Pro
  • 11.5" Full-HD Touch, IPS display
  • 4 modes: Laptop, Tablet, Stand, Tablet+
  • 1.84lbs (Tablet), 3.75lbs (Clamshell)
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ThinkPad® Twist
Convertible Ultrabook

It Twists. It Bends. It Folds. It Spins.

The ThinkPad Twist is an Ultrabook with 4 different modes. Its multi-touch display enhances the computing experience. And the unique streamlined design makes the machine all the more portable. In short, the Twist is everything a business PC should be and more.

  • 3rd Gen Intel® Core processors
  • Genuine Windows 8 Pro
  • 12.5" HD LED, IPS display
  • 4 modes: Laptop, Tablet, Stand, Tent
  • Weighs 3.84 lbs and is just 0.79" thick
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ThinkPad® X1 Carbon Touch

The World's Lightest 14" Ultrabook

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch has a durable, carbon fibre reinforced roll cage, making for the best Ultrabook construction available, and adds a host of other new features like Lenovo RapidCharge (5 hour battery for 35-minute charge), remote manageability via Intel® vPro, and several port options for connectivity.

  • 3rd Gen Intel® Core processors
  • 14" HD+ Touch display
  • Best-in-class, backlit keyboard
  • Starting at 2.99lbs
  • Under an inch thick
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