ThinkPad Yoga with Windows 8.1
Experience Windows 8 Touch Screen
10-finger multitouch displays and pen input. Lenovo's user experience teams have finely honed touch input across all of our platforms to give you greater accuracy and control. Perfect for multiplayer games.
Lenovo's legendary keyboard. Now more comfortable and more accurate with simplified controls for Windows 8.
Our legendary keyboards are now even better. More comfortable. More accurate. Still spill-resistant. Lenovo has set a new benchmark for the industry and added simplified control for Windows 8.1 laptops. Multimedia controls and indicator lights add convenience, plus many models include backlighting, so even in dimly lit surroundings you're unhindered.
Intelligent touchpads optimized for Windows 8 laptops.

Intelligent touchpads optimized for Windows 8.1 feature one clean, smooth surface, with easy scroll and zoom functions.

Lenovo Motion Control lets you navigate using gestures.
Lenovo Motion Control lets you navigate and execute commands through simple gestures. Yes, it's a lot like magic! Conveniently flip through your ebook. Scroll through your photos. Skip to the next song. Enjoy the enhanced Windows 8.1 experience.
Lenovo Cloud Storage
Lenovo Cloud Storage
Access to your files, from anywhere on any device. Auto-sync content, back-up data, and share files across Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry devices. 5GB free storage. Data is encrypted on transfer for an extra level of security. Plus, single sign-on with a Lenovo ID.