Power of a Workstation, Price of a Desktop.

With the ThinkStation P-series workstation, you get the performance and reliability you need for professional results, on a budget you can afford. ISV-certified, professional graphics, & Intel® Xeon® technology.

  1. Lenovo ThinkStation P300 tower workstation

    Power and stability in an affordable, entry-level ISV-certified 1P tower workstation for entry-level 3D and 2D CAD , website development, financial back-office operations, & healthcare front office.

    Starter fra:
    kr 6 211,12
    You save:
    kr 690,13
  2. ThinkStation P500 Workstation

    Delivers power & flexibility with more I/O slots, interchangeable PSU to reduce costs, & the highest storage capacity in the industry for 1P workstation.

    Starter fra:
    kr 10 864,80
    You save:
    kr 1 207,20
  3. ThinkStation P700 Workstation

    Delivers versatility & power while also featuring the most x16 slots & the highest storage capacity in the industry for a compact 2P workstation, plus interchangeable PSU.

    Starter fra:
    kr 11 927,13
    You save:
    kr 1 325,24
  4. ThinkStation P900 Workstation

    Delivers extreme performance perfect for rendering & simulation. Features the most I/O in the industry, along with the highest storage capacity in the industry.

    Starter fra:
    kr 15 711,63
    You save:
    kr 1 745,74


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