ThinkServer Management Module (TMM)

Reduce your total cost of ownership by increasing administrator productivity, allowing admins to: remotely perform most functions that would otherwise require a visit to the servers; increase overall server availability; and interface with Systems Management applications.

ThinkServer Software Tools


  • Set up servers, including BIOS and RAID settings
  • Monitor hardware and software health
  • Control server power – reboot, shutdown, power on, etc.
  • Report on Field Replaceable Unit and server platform info
  • Ease server upgrades
  • Monitor power usage, manage capping
  • Broadcast video output to remote terminals, receive input from remote KVM
  • Access local media (DVD drive, etc.) from the remote machine, allowing remote OS installation
  • Orderable as PN 67Y2624; compatible with TS430, RD330, RD430, RD530, and RD630
Lenovo TMM
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Drivers & Software
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