Easy scalability & expandability

ThinkServer options are essential for you to take full advantage of the performance, scalability, and expandability features of ThinkServer systems. As your business grows, your solution should grow with you — without straining your IT budget and without increasing complexity. Options are easy to install. Easy to configure. And they provide cost-effective scalability and expandability — perfect for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

  • ThinkServer Processors — unleash the potential of your dual-processor system by adding a second Intel® Xeon® processor.
  • ThinkServer Memory — features Advanced Error Code Correcting (ECC) and Memory Mirroring provides trouble-free computing.
  • ThinkServer Storage — offering 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SAS & SATA technology in Direct Cabled, Simple Swap or Hot Swap carriers. Plus an extensive list of LTO tape backup choices and HBA adapters.
  • ThinkServer RAID choices — add performance and data protection with these valuable upgrades.
  • Rack Options — broad array of fully-supported offerings from Tripp-Lite and Tandberg Data, including battery backup, power distribution units and KVM console, LTO tape backup and storage, and more.