Using the latest processor, memory, and graphics technologies, Lenovo ThinkStation workstations are designed specifically to meet the demands of today's geoscience professionals — so decision making in the global oil marketplace doesn't miss a beat.
Ultimate performance for earth's toughest problems.

The power to unlock planetary fuels.

As the world's energy consumption grows, Lenovo ThinkStation workstations can help researchers find new ways to power our planet. Up to 256GB of blazing-fast registered memory, and up to two Quadro® 6000 graphic adapters, ThinkStation systems feature super-computing horsepower you can rely on.

"The two-socket Lenovo ThinkStation D20 completed the 3D image rendering tasks in as little as half the time as the single-processor based workstation. In our tests, two processors delivered twice the performance of one, which translates directly to productivity and an excellent return on your investment."
– Principled Technologies,
September 2011
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