Intuitive, Efficient, Effective:
ThinkServer Tools

Lenovo has developed a suite of ThinkServer management tools that are designed to make server setup, management, and updating simple, efficient, and effective.

ThinkServer EasyStartup

Get your new ThinkServer up and running quickly with ThinkServer EasyStartup. The intuitive interface makes server installation and configuration a cinch.


  • Hardware driver installation and configuration tool for initial setup
  • Easy wizard interface for users not technically-inclined
  • Configuration of your RAID level and hot spare directly from the tool
  • Quick configuration and setup for rapid deployment

ThinkServer EasyUpdate

ThinkServer EasyUpdate is a software application that enables you to keep your system firmware current to avoid unnecessary outages. This firmware application first updates the system and adapter firmware and then once that is complete, updates the hard disk drive (HDD) firmware.


  • Simple utility to update server drivers and firmware
  • Convenient web-delivered updates
  • Ensures reliability and performance

ThinkServer EasyManage

ThinkServer EasyManage provides essential server hardware management capabilities. You can expand this solution to also include software patch, security, antivirus, and much more.


  • Server management tool for console-based hardware administration
  • Local and remote console access for 24x/7 support
  • Remote problem notification and remediation, with alerts sent anywhere, anytime — in advance of problems for proactive altering and even if the system isn’t running

ThinkServer SmartGrid Power Management

ThinkServer SmartGrid provides data center power management solutions for enterprises with complex needs. Based on Intel® Data Center Manager (DCM) technology, SmartGrid delivers policy-based power management controls and sophisticated monitoring. When you need a solution that addresses dozens — even hundreds — of servers, ThinkServer SmartGrid is the answer; SmartGrid can manage up to 1,000 servers, both Lenovo ThinkServer systems and other servers alike.

Scenarios Best Served by SmartGrid Solution

  • Older data centers maxed out on power capacity
  • Systems that currently require a separate infrastructure of IP-based intelligent power strips
  • Inability to track actual server power consumption, with propensity toward over-provisioning to maintain reserve margins
  • Idling servers that consume 50% of peak power at low load levels
  • Lack of an integrated view of your server pools

ThinkServer SmartGrid Features & Benenfits

Features Benefits
Server discovery & grouping Identifies ThinkServers and groups them automatically for reporting, monitoring, and controlling
Power monitoring Monitors real-time power data aggregated by user-defined parameters, including rack, row, room, and physical or logical groups
Alerts based on custom power events
Power trending & reporting Saves one year of data history for capacity planning
Enables reporting on power consumption trends for day/week/month, by server and by group
Reports on power saving by server and by group
Power control Enables establishment of intelligent group policy
Supports multiple concurrent active power policy types at multiple hierarchy levels
Accepts workload priority as policy directive
Allows scheduling of policies including power capping, by time of day and/or day of week
Maintains group power capping while dynamically adapting to changing server loads