Balanced Design, Built for Business.

For cloud deployments, database, or virtualization workloads, trust ThinkServer racks for world-class performance, power-efficient designs, and extensive standard features at an affordable price.

  1. ThinkServer RD340 Rack Server

    Next-gen, highly efficient, 1U rack server loaded with built-in features at a great price.

  2. ThinkServer RD440 Rack Server

    Next-gen, value-oriented, 2U rack server with impressive storage capacity, manageability, and power-saving features.

  3. ThinkServer RD540 Rack Server

    Next-gen 1U rack server with the perfect blend of performance, memory, & I/O for your mainstream & virtualized workloads.

  4. ThinkServer RD640 Rack Server

    Next-gen, storage-rich 2U rack server perfect for virtualization & business-critical applications.

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