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An object of beauty.

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Exceptional point of view.

Go ahead and stare at the refined A320 all-in-one. We'll give you a minute to survey the ultra slim LED monitor while you scan over the solid metal components connecting it to its equally thin base. Notice how the sophisticated, glossy white finish complements the 21.5" HD widescreen display, which adjusts and tilts to your liking. Now, imagine plugging in your PC anywhere you want — single-cord setup means the A320 can blend in or take center stage.

Elegant on the outside, sharp on the inside.

The A320 boasts up to Windows 7 Home Premium 64, up to Intel® Core™ i5 2nd generation processor, up to 8GB DDR3 memory, up to 750GB HDD, two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports. Don't worry about this raw power taking a toll on your PC's performance, though —  Lenovo Enhanced Experience will boost your startup and shutdown time, while ENERGY STAR 5.0 certification ensures your AIO consumes less energy and emits less heat.

Roam free.

Experience entertainment on your A320 from outside the constraints of a chair. Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth® connectivity (a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are included) gives you the freedom to move closer to the couch, kitchen or other comfy spot. Or, use the HDMI in/out ports to link with an HD TV or video game console. The picture on your PC will remain crisp no matter how you set it up — our Dynamic Brightness System automatically adjusts brightness to suit background lighting.

Capture attention.

Transmit clearer images in more vibrant color with our High-Sense Webcam. Then log in to the preloaded YouCam software to turn video chats with friends and family into a theatrical experience. Interact with dynamic screen effects and let the camera follow your every move with the facial tracking feature.

Add a new dimension with accessories.

Condense your keyboard and mouse into one palm-sized unit with the Lenovo Multimedia Remote with keyboard, offering wireless control from up to 10 meters away. Blast music from anywhere in the house using the Cyber Acoustics Portable USB Powered Speaker System. And plug the Lenovo USB Portable 500GB Hard Drive right into the base when you need an extra place to store and backup vacation photos.


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