Lenovo recommends Windows.


ThinkCentre M Series

Affordable and environmentally friendly, these PCs are sure to be a boon to your company's bottom line
and conscience. And don't forget their performance — they'll easily handle the demands and workload of
legacy desktops, but they'll do it far more efficiently.

ThinkCentre M Series

These expandable PCs are easy to open — thanks to their tool-less design — and
their components are laid out in a convenient, practical manner. Feel free to configure,
expand and fiddle with them to your heart's content.

ThinkCentre M Series

Keep your maintenance costs down, as well as your blood pressure. These systems provide
15 months of platform stability, and come with available technologies such as Secure Managed
Client and Intel® vPro™, so you can relax and be confident in your IT rollout.

Lenovo engineers "sweated the small stuff"


Lenovo ThinkCentre M92/M92p Desktop Tour