Lenovo recommends Windows.


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Picture of an M-Series

Replace your lagging legacy desktops with spry new

eco M Series systems. You'll feel good about their

green features and save a chunk of money in the

process! M Series PCs bring all the performance of

your average power-sucking desktop, only they do

it with far greater efficiency.

Picture of an M-Series

Feel free to fiddle with your M Series system. These

expandable machines are easy to open with a tool-less

design and convenient component layout. Configure


Picture of an M-Series

Relax. M Series systems are like digital aspirin, taking

the headache out of large IT rollouts by providing

15 months of platform stability. They also come with

available technologies such as Secure Managed Client

and Intel® vPro™ to help you reduce your maintenance


Lenovo engineers “sweated the small stuff” . . .


Video tour of the ThinkCentre M90 and M90p