Lenovo recommends Windows.


Picture of an Essential Laptop

Lenovo Essential systems pile on features and function not normally associated with

budget PCs. A broad range of Intel® and AMD processor choices help you get faster performance,

and our time-saving tools further crank up your productivity. Sync and share large video files fast

with DirectShare. Easily manage internet connections with our ReadyComm utility. On select models,

enjoy squint-free video chats with lenovo high-sense webcam and automatic screen brightness


Picture of an Essential Laptop

Our Essential PCs rock you with high-def video and graphics on crisp, widescreen LED displays. Available features, such as HDMI ports, make the case for using your PC as your entertainment center. Don’t forget about the optional Blu-ray Disc™ player and 5.1 surround sound.

Picture of an Essential laptop

Whether you use them in a small business/home office setting or in your everyday life, our sleek laptops will bring a dynamic appeal with brushed metal finishes and ample viewing angles. Select models even offer ergonomic, breathable AccuType keyboards and multitouch touchpads. Also bringing a cool factor to the design: fans that are less noticable when your PC is turned on.

Picture of an essential laptop

You get peace of mind from the moment you purchase an Essential PC. For starters,

our strong quality helps promise long-lasting use. Our fingerprint readers help

you log in securely, while the USB port locker prevents unauthorized data sharing. Our

OneKey® Rescue System has your back in the event you need to restore your system

or recover valuable data. When the workday gives way to the playful night, Lenovo

Energy Management software helps you stretch your battery life as long as possible.

It is powered by decent components and delivers performance and battery life that are above-and-beyond the average for its class…the G560’s is the superior machine and the better value.


The Lenovo Essential G560 is a solid entry into the consumer budget notebook market ... It has more than ample performance for everyday tasks, a long four-hour battery life, and runs cool and quiet. The wide variety of input/output ports is impressive for this class.