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Entry-level product, expert performance.

These laptops are perfect as starter computers — affordable, reliable and able to handle your everyday computer tasks. They have all the essentials, whether you're trying to do homework, complete the family budget, surf the Web or send email. But we throw in a few extra touches — plenty of storage and memory, plus numerous Lenovo apps and systems to make them easy to connect, use and keep secure.

Stress-free use.

Versatile and durable, the G Series laptops include plenty of features to facilitate a regular, stress-free computing experience. High-speed 802.11g/n Wireless provides fast connectivity; Lenovo ReadyComm helps you easily manage your networking and internet connection; and Lenovo DirectShare allows you to synchronize your files with another notebook without having to connect to the internet. VeriFace™ face recognition is a fun and secure way to login to your PC. Lenovo Energy Management uses advanced energy-saving technology to stretch your battery life, protecting your battery's long-term durability and increasing the amount of time you can go unplugged. And you can rest at ease knowing OneKey® Rescue System is there to simplify data backup and recovery, allowing you to focus on using your computer instead of worrying about its maintenance.


Add our Wireless Mouse (N3903) with a nano receiver you can leave plugged into your USB drive. If space is a problem, try the miniature-sized Wireless Mouse (N3902). Both are stylish and reliable. Or if you prefer, go for complete wireless mobility and control your laptop from up to 10 meters away with the palm-sized Lenovo Multimedia Remote with keyboard (N5901). For best value, add accessories when you purchase a system.




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