Lenovo recommends Windows.


Revved engineMuscle-flexing graphicsISV certification powerhouse
W Series image

Test thresholds and shatter performance barriers,
courtesy DDR3 memory, RAID 0/1, and solid state
drives. Accelerate file transfers tenfold with USB 3.0,
and beef up responsiveness with 16 GB of memory.

W Series image

Warning: The 16:9 full HD panel with high resolution
and brightness isn’t drool-proof. Bring your ideas to
life with eye-popping NVIDIA® Quadro® FX discrete
graphics, an expansive 95 percent RGB color gamut
and a dead-on color calibrator.

W Series image

Tested and certified to easily run 120 of the world’s
most demanding design applications — the ones
that chew up and spit out regular laptops.

Mobile professionals who must process compute-intensive workloads while on location should consider the ThinkPad W701ds


Video tour of the ThinkPad W700ds