Lenovo recommends Windows.


Super-bright screenA real notebookAt your fingertips
ThinkPad X Series Tablet image

If you routinely work out in the field, you might be accustomed to waiting to
finish up when you get back to the office. No need with our X Series tablets,
as they offer an optional 400 NIT SuperBright Outdoor panel with camera-quality,
anti-reflective layers. Excellent viewability — even in direct sunlight.

ThinkPad X Series Tablet image

The tablet's nifty digitizer pen helps you jot notes and
sketch diagrams directly on the screen. Treat it like a
pencil — just flip the pen to erase your (occasional)
mistakes. Thanks to palm-rejection technology, your
hand won't interfere with the precision of your writing.

ThinkPad X Series Tablet image

Is it critical for you to smoothly interact with
applications and enter data one-handed?
Our optional multi-touch function with
enhanced finger-touch sensitivity will help
you see to that.

Its new-generation panel and handy Lenovo SimpleTap utility make an already excellent tablet even better.



Lenovo's Lee Highsmith shows how SimpleTap makes it easy to access keyboard functions even while in tablet mode.


The first ThinkPad was a tablet. Lenovo's Howard Dulany talks about its evolution.