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Intuitive interaction

A glowing display

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The ThinkPad X201 tablet is Lenovo's latest refresh, which promises even faster performance on what was already the industry's best business convertible.


Flexible computing.

Raise the convertible notebook to new levels without sacrificing portability or battery life. Go from traditional laptop at the office to tablet mode in the field — simply twist and fold back the screen to convert. Road warriors and in-the-trenches professionals will appreciate the flexibility.

Intuitive interaction.

Digitizer pen: Jot notes and sketch using the rubberized pen. You can even flip to erase, just like using a pencil. Palm-rejection technology prevents your hand from interfering with writing.
Touchscreen: Enhanced finger-touch sensitivity on the optional multitouch panel makes it a breeze to smoothly interact with applications and enter data.
Full-sized keyboard: The full-sized, spill-resistant keyboard features our famous TrackPoint® device.

A glowing display.

Reflect your work, not the sun's rays with our SuperBright Outdoor panel, which — using technology similar to an optical lens on a camera — allows the screen to be visible even in direct sunlight. The 1.2 percent boost in reflectivity also improves pen input perfromance and makes the display easier to clean.

Tablet convenience, ThinkPad reliability.

Our X201 Tablet doesn’t sacrifice security and rock-solid durability:
• Optional fingerprint reader
• Self-encrypting drives (SEDs)
• 32-byte boot password
• Input/output port disable
• Shock-mounted hard drive
• Spill-resistant keyboard
• Magnesium-alloy top and bottom covers
• Designed to pass eight rigorous military spec tests
• ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery® and Client Security Solution

Learn more about our ThinkVantage® technologies

Accessorize your ThinkPad X201 Tablet.

Protect your investment from wear and the elements with a ThinkPad tablet sleeve. It fits like a glove, frees up your hands and still allows you to interact easily with the tablet. Its zippered flaps protect ports and makes it easy to attach peripherals. Keep your digitizer pen within reach with our ThinkPad Tablet tether. The tablet comes with one digitizer pen, but consider adding a second when you checkout.

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