Compare all the A Series Smartphones. Enter the exciting world of Android smartphones that do more for less—with comprehensive feature sets, plus Dual SIM functionality as standard.

  1. Lenovo A Smartphone

    Boasting a lightweight, ergonomic design, powerful processor, and advanced cameras, the Lenovo A is the ideal A-class entry-level smartphone with a price tag to match.

  2. Lenovo A1000 smartphone

    A fast, smooth, and powerful Android™ smartphone that supports 3G and dual SIM - at one very affordable price tag.

  3. Lenovo A2010 smartphone

    The lightweight, 4.5” A2010 Android smartphone is fast & responsive, complete with dual-SIM configuration and fixed focus front & rear cameras.

  4. Lenovo A5000 Smartphone

    Dual SIM and energy efficient, the 5" A5000 smartphone boasts a long-lasting battery (with rapid charge), productivity apps and a splash-proof nano coating.

  5. Lenovo A6000 Smartphone

    The 5" A6000 gives you rich, sharp visuals; enhanced audio & stereo; and fast, responsive processing - without costing the earth.

  6. Lenovo A7000-Plus smartphone

    Featuring Dolby Atmos™ audio, a larger-than-life display and fast responsive octa-core processing, the A7000-Plus is the perfect multimedia companion at an affordable price.

  7. Lenovo A7010 smartphone

    Complete with enhanced audio, octa-core processing, hi-res screen, and built-in high resolution cameras, the 5.5" A7010 offers a truly immersive multimedia experience, without breaking the bank.



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