Microsoft Office 2013: Add Microsoft when you purchase a system
What is a Microsoft account?
A Microsoft account—formerly Windows Live ID—is the combination of an email address and a password used to sign in to services like Hotmail and SkyDrive. For the new Office, a Microsoft account is used to set up, install, and manage Office software for an Office 365 subscription or an Office suite.
Are the Office applications installed on the PC or are they in the cloud?
The applications are installed on your system (PC or Mac) regardless of which Office edition you choose. Note that the purchase of Office on a new Lenovo system doesn't include a disc. You can either download software or activate the preinstalled Office with a product key. Backup DVDs are available through Microsoft for a fee.
Are documents available both offline and on SkyDrive?
Yes. Even if Office is set to automatically save to, documents are also saved to a local SkyDrive folder on your computer. You can access them at any time without an internet connection, and when you do reconnect, the SkyDrive folders will sync.
What types of mobile devices are eligible with Office 365?
Office is available on the Windows Phone (version 7.5 and later). Additional mobile devices will be supported and updated on
What happens when an Office 365 subscription ends?
As the expiration date approaches, you'll receive pop-up notifications from within your Office applications alerting to the pending expiration. Simply purchase a new subscription to continue to create and edit Office documents.
What happens if the Office 365 Home Premium subscription expires or if you choose not to renew? Will you still be able to use Office and work with existing documents?
When a subscription expires, the Office applications on your system will no longer have full functionality, but you'll be able to open, view, and print documents. For full Office functionality, you can return to an earlier version of Office or buy the single PC version. For basic editing, you can use the free Office Web Apps on SkyDrive.