Small Business

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Why choose Lenovo for your business?

Our history for one...
Built on the backbone of the legendary ThinkPad business PC, Lenovo offers models and features designed for your small-to-medium sized business. We’ve also got a unique team of SMB Consultants to lean on from purchase to post-sale.

Whether you’re nurturing a startup or adding fuel to a booming enterprise, Lenovo is the first choice for your SMB needs.

  • Value

    We get it, budget is one of the biggest considerations when choosing a PC. But look deeper and you’ll find more to consider when you factor in our value:

    Longer life-cycles
    Better performance
    Peace-of-mind service & support
    Expansive software offerings

  • Features

    Little things make a big difference. Lenovo PCs offer built-in solutions that extend their value and usability - and more importantly, allow you to work hassle-free:

    Internal roll-cages
    Ultra-quiet operation
    Streamlined tools for navigation
    Business connectivity software

  • Support

    A specialty team of Small Business Consultants are on-hand to assist with any questions or offer advice. What’s more, our warranty and service options back your PC for the long haul.

  • Security

    Security in business is critical: from preventing theft of hardware to ensuring your business’ great ideas are protected from prying eyes. Lenovo's SMB offerings include:

    Solutions for Small Business software suite
    Password management
    Expansive 3rd party software offerings

  • Variety

    Whether you need 500 laptops to refresh your booming enterprise or just one to foster a fresh idea, Lenovo has you covered with a full range of PCs:

    Sleek and slim Ultrabooks
    Innovative desktop PCs
    Powerful servers
    Robust storage solutions