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ThinkStation workstations are built with you in mind, which means not only powerful performance, but also cutting edge design—our newest ThinkStations feature patented tri-channel cooling, tool-free chassis/components, integrated handles, FLEX Features, and more.
Learn more about the NEW ThinkStation P Series.

ThinkStation High-Performance Workstation Family
  1. Lenovo ThinkStation P Series Workstations

    Unparalleled Performance. Superior Reliability.
    With the ThinkStation P Series, you get highly usable design combined with powerful performance, flexible options, plenty of memory & storage, all with the reliability you expect from ThinkStation.

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  2. ThinkStation 30 Series Workstations

    Power. Reliability. Performance.
    With ThinkStation 30 Series you can push the limits of productivity, creativity, and innovation to do more.

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Lenovo - Reason 3


Our systems are built to lessen heat in critical areas, and our fans are specially designed to run quietly with the least amount of power. That means less strain on the system's components, lower power consumption, and more comfort for the user handling the system.