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Trying to Decide if it's Time to Upgrade Your Servers?

If you're frustrated with application performance or concerned that your infrastructure may not be keeping pace with your business growth, then you should consider the answers to a few easy questions.

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Server Refresh Time to Upgrade

Meet Your Growing Business Needs
  • Are you running Microsoft Windows Server 2008—or dare we ask, Windows Server 2003?
  • Are your servers more than three years old?
  • Are your energy costs out of line, or are you power-constrained?

The demand for compute resources is continually increasing in most organizations today. Without a modern IT infrastructure, it will be extremely difficult—if not impossible—to address growing compute needs without costs spiraling out of control, as well as security risks, and space, power, and cooling constraints. Also, if you're running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, support ends in 2015. So, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, it's likely time to upgrade. No worries though. With a line of servers designed for your business, Lenovo can help.

Gain Efficiencies Through Consolidation & Virtualization
Outdated servers are inefficient to run and expensive to maintain for various reasons. Consolidating multiple older servers onto fewer new servers can help you gain efficiencies that will save you money. With the Lenovo ThinkServer family running the latest Intel® Xeon® processors, you get the performance and capacity you need to do just that.
Increase Performance & Responsivness
Running Intel Xeon E5 Series processers and Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Lenovo ThinkServer can significantly increase performance when compared to previous-generation platforms running on Windows Server 2003. Faster processor speeds and larger cache sizes improve system responsiveness so you can be more productive.
Address Security & Compliance
Available for Windows Server 2012, Microsoft provides tools that allow you to administer security technologies and address ongoing threats to your computers and network. For additional protection, running Windows Server 2012 on ThinkServer gives you the modern security hardware features of the Intel Xeon processor and the protection of fast, low-overhead encryption, high-quality keys, and secure key storage.
Take Control of Your Server Upgrade
There are many reasons to upgrade your server technology. You may not have a choice about when it's time to upgrade, but you definitely have control over the type of server you upgrade to. Let Lenovo help you modernize your IT infrastructure. Increase efficiency, boost application performance and responsiveness while decreasing costs, and address security issues with the Lenovo ThinkServer family.

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arrow icon Download the IDC Whitepaper: The cost of Retaining Aging IT Infrastructure. This white paper describes Lenovo ThinkServer servers, the technology on which the servers are based, and the way the servers address many of the causes of operational cost increases found at customer sites.

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  • Benefits of Upgrading Your Server
    Gain Efficiencies
    Consolidate & virtualize
    Increase Performance
    Improve system responsiveness
    Address Security Issues
    Keep your computers & your network protected


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