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Lenovo Companion


• Maximize your system’s performance
• Ensure your system is up-to-date
• Access insights & advice from Lenovo experts
• Keep current with the latest technology news 
• Do more with Apps for You

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  • Companion 3

    Lenovo CompanionCompanion 3

    Keep Your System Up-to-Date.

    Lenovo Companion 3 is preloaded on all Lenovo Windows 10 PCs and tablets. What’s more, you’ll find all the familiar features of version 2, and a whole lot more. Maximize your system’s performance and learn how to tailor the device to your needs.

    So, what’s all the excitement about? With the new app, you can:

    • See and hand-select which system updates you want to install 
    • Disable apps from launching at startup, directly from Companion
    • Quickly purge your PC of unnecessary files
    • Easily access helpful tips specific to your system

    We continue to use your feedback as a guide to ensure Companion is packed with all the resources you need to Optimize, Learn and Do more. With Companion 3, you'll find all you need is in one location. Now it’s even easier to access, understand, and manage. Let’s look at some of the new features: 

    Optimize: With Companion 3, the optimizer function enables you to accelerate your applications, clean up your PC, and install critical updates. You can also learn how to keep your Lenovo system running at its best, as well as gain quick access to key device information, such as your serial number, product number, and bios version. 

    Support: This section gives you access to Lenovo warranty information, system specific user guides, as well as available accessories for your device. In addition, you can find out what others are saying by accessing discussion forums, blogs, and an impressive knowledge base.

    System Health: Links to Important system and support Information; battery, system updates, hard drive scan, memory, storage, and warranty.

    System Update: Keep your system up to date with critical, recommended and optional updates. 

    Tech Content: Learn all the features of your new system and keep current with the latest technology news. Access insights and advice from Lenovo experts, follow tutorials and reference articles about your device’s features and capabilities. Stay up-to-the-minute with the latest tech news and innovations. 

    Apps for You: With Companion 3, the exclusive Apps for You feature provides app recommendations that help you get the most out of your device. Whether it’s for business, entertainment or gaming, Apps for You will guarantee you ‘Never Stand Still’.

    How to Find Lenovo Companion 3

    It’s important to note that Companion 3 is only available on Windows 10. So, if you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10, now is the time to do it.

    Companion 3

    Learn More: 
    Coming Soon! The Windows 10 Release of Lenovo Companion

    Lenovo Companion 3.0
    Lenovo Companion 3.0
  • Companion Mobile

    Lenovo CompanionCompanion Mobile

    Control in The Palm of Your Hand.

    Companion Mobile is the Android version of Companion for your mobile phone. Here are some of the exciting features you can look forward to:

    Solutions: Solutions and videos provided by this app are sourced from the Lenovo Support website, and are automatically filtered to display those exclusively relevant to your device.

    Diagnostics: This feature enables you to test and diagnose different device components, such as your camera, audio, and microphone – to name just a few. It helps you to quickly validate if the hardware is fully operational. In addition, quick status links to important system and support information in which memory, and storage information are also assessed.

    How to Find Lenovo Companion Mobile.

    Lenovo Companion is preloaded on Lenovo Mobile Android devices, and is available for download from the Google Play Store.

    Companion Mobile

    Lenovo Companion Mobile
    Lenovo Companion Mobile
  • Companion 2

    Lenovo CompanionCompanion 2

    Explore, Optimize, and Do More.

    Lenovo Companion 2 is preloaded on all Lenovo Windows 8 and 8.1 PCs and tablets. Whether you’re confronted with issues related to system failure, IT consolidation, product maintenance, or accessory selection, Lenovo Companion helps you to solve all problems with ease. Lenovo Companion encompasses three main components:

    My Device: This component teaches you all you need to know about your new system. You’ll learn how to register your computer, as well as how to configure and handle critical updates from Lenovo for your specific device. And, on select systems, you can even monitor your system health, including battery, storage, hard drive and memory information. What’s more, you can access and explore Lenovo support forums – providing you with hints and tips from a wide knowledge base from the experts.

    Lenovo Exclusive: Not quite sure how to use some of the new features on your Lenovo PC or tablet? We provide you with tips to help you get up and running quickly with both your device and Windows 8.1. Lenovo experts provide insight on system features and design, plus general technology tips, like extending the life of your battery, setting up Bluetooth®, and new high-tech trends.

    Tech News: In select countries, there’s an extra section where you can read the latest technology news and blogs from trusted sources and partners. This content is continually updated, so every time you open Companion, you’ll see fresh up-to-the-minute data.

    How to Find Lenovo Companion 2

    You can find Companion 2 in the Lenovo Apps section on the Windows Start Screen. It’s important to note that Companion 2 is only available on Windows 8.1, so, if you haven’t upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1, now is the time to do it. 

    Companion 2


    Lenovo Companion 2.0
    Lenovo Companion 2.0
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