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The IdeaCentre family offers a wide range of responsive, stylish devices—from super-slim all-in-ones to powerful gaming towers and pocket-sized PC's.

IdeaCentre Desktops
  1. IdeaCentre AIO Y910 (27") gaming all-in-one

    Gaming All-in-Ones
    Game-ready performance in a sleek and adaptable design. Welcome to the world of AIO gaming.

  2. Ideacentre Y900 PC Gaming Tower

    Ultimate Gaming PC
    With its looks, power, & potential, this pure gaming tower will have your enemies running for cover.

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  3. IdeaCentre Y710 compact gaming tower

    Compact Gaming Tower
    Able to play the latest titles, wherever you want to play them. This compact unit has true gaming power, but is easy to carry and set up anywhere in your home – wherever you’re most comfortable playing – and it looks great, wherever that might be.

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  4. Ideacentre Y700 PC Gaming Tower

    PC Gaming Tower
    Easy-to-upgrade & expand PC gaming tower with serious firepower right out of the box.

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  5. Ideacentre AIO 910 (27")

    Premium All-in-Ones
    High-performance, cutting-edge, and design-driven AIOs for immersive entertainment.

  6. IdeaCentre 710 Desktop PC

    Reliability, Design, and Performance in One
    High-performance desktop with expandable storage to meet your future needs.

  7. Ideacentre AIO 700

    Powerful All-You-Need All-in-One.
    High-performance AIO for productivity, downtime, and everything in between.

  8. Ideacentre AIO 510S

    Reliable All-in-Ones
    Design meets functionality with these slim, affordable, family AIOs.

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  9. IdeaCentre 610S

    Compact Home Entertainment PC
    Transforms even the smallest of rooms into an entertainment powerhouse.

  10. Ideacentre 300 Series

    Powerful Family-Friendly Desktop
    Affordable, powerful desktop PC for the home.

  11. Ideacentre AIO 300

    Powerful All-You-Need All-in-One.
    High-performance AIO for home productivity. Sleek and powerful.

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  12. Ideacentre Stick 300 Pocket-Sized PC

    Pocket-Sized PC
    Transform any display into a Windows PC with this tiny connectible device.

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