Make a confident choice and put these affordable all-in-one PCs anywhere you wish. With their compact design and balance of essential tools, they'll fit any space and budget.

  1. Lenovo C20 All-in-One PC

    Affordable 19.5" all-in-one with powerful processor and space-saving design.

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  2. Lenovo C20 All-in-One PC

    Affordable 19.5" all-in-one desktop with space-saving design and powerful processor.

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  3. Lenovo C40 (Intel)

    New:Family friendly, affordable 21.5" all-in-one PC with entertainment features.

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Lenovo has 2000 designers and engineers focused on factors that make a difference to users. From hard drives that help prevent data damage, to noise-cancelling microphones for clear web chats, to responsive power management for lower consumption, our team attends to details.

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