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Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3
Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 for Windows® 7, our 2012 edition, is both fast and optimized. Using Lenovo's RapidBoot technology, Enhanced Experience 3 PCs have optimized system files, processes, and hardware settings to start your PC 40% faster than a typical Windows® 7 computer (based on tests conducted by CNET Labs, Beijing in December 2011Results take the average of Lenovo EE 3 notebooks and desktops and compare with averaged data from 49 competitor products of similar configuration (Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i7 PCs only). Testing conducted using the independent VTS tool to measure start-up time and other performance measurements. Note that EE 3 performance times vary by model and configuration.). Plus with our new technology, BootShield continues to maintain fast boot performance even when multiple applications are installed over the life of your system.
How RapidBoot Works
RapidBoot uses a collection of proprietary technologies and optimizations, which vary based on the EE 3 system. Smart defragmentation defragments the area of the hard disk drive that contains the boot files used to load Windows®. Defragmenting increases the speed that the data can be accessed and read. HDD accelerator uses system memory (RAM) as a cache for boot files, which allows faster performance.

At the same time, advanced optimization occurs on several levels. Hundreds of drivers have been reconfigured to improve performance. Proprietary BIOS development reduces BIOS post time. Non-essential Windows® 7 services are delayed until after the boot process is complete. Preinstalled software (like antivirus) is compiled and imaged. And finally, we use only the highest quality for key components like graphics, hard drive, and memory, which drastically increases performance.
PCs Start 40% Faster With RapidBoot
  24 Seconds
Avg. Lenovo EE3 PC
41 Seconds
Avg. competitor Win7 PC
Time taken from power-on until boot is complete (defined as CPU no longer being used to load Windows® 7 and start-up applications). A Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 PC features a fast start-up process while still initializing critical security features like antivirus software.
How BootShield Works
BootShield, which is only available on our notebooks, checks the availability of system resources during the boot process and selectively pauses the launch of additional software until resources are freed up or until the user manually launches the specific program. As a PC ages, more software is typically installed, which if left unchecked, can greatly contribute to decreased system performance and boot. With time, the benefit of BootShield continues to grow.
After installing 60 additional applications
  28 Seconds
With BootShield
82 Seconds
Without BootShield
Optimized for Business
A Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 PC offers more than just fast boot. EE 3 systems are optimized for business — whether large or small.Not all features are available on all models. Robust security features include self-encrypting drives, fingerprint ID, BIOS port locks, and more. Superior web conferencing functionality incorporates light-adaptive, HD webcams, advanced noise-cancellation technology, and dual digital array microphones.
Learn about EE 3 and the advantage it offers your business >
Idea-branded products
Optimized for Multimedia
Richer sound, the result of improved speaker design, surround sound support, and independent audio certification by Dolby® Laboratories, as well as high resolution video chats with a 720p HD webcam ensure that systems with EE 3 are optimized for richer multimedia.
Learn about EE 3 and how it improves your entertainment experience >
The Difference Between EE 2.0 and EE 3
EE 2.0 focused on both RapidBoot and RapidDrive technology, with the latter applying only to systems with a solid state drive (SSD). While we continue to improve RapidBoot technology, EE 3 focuses on PCs with standard (i.e., spinning) hard disk drives (HDDs). These PCs are configured with Intel® Core™ i3 or higher and meet the criteria of desktop startup in 23 seconds and laptop startup in 25 seconds. (The average boot time for an EE 2.0 certified PC is 29 seconds.)

Additionally, our laptops that include EE 3 also include BootShield technology, which is exclusive to EE 3. Bootshield maintains fast boot performance even after installing multiple applications. What's more important than the boot times between EE versions, however, is the difference between an EE 3 certified model and an average PC running Windows® 7: the Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 PC boots 40% faster!

Note: Because EE 3 involves a combination of many optimization technologies and, in some cases, hardware changes, it's not possible to upgrade to EE 3. Even with the latest drivers and BIOS updates, it's still not possible to achieve the same performance standards.
Avg. Boot Time of Lenovo PCs
  24 Seconds 29 Seconds
  Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0
Basis for EE 3 Performance Claims
The claims for EE 3 are based on testing a large number of competitor products that are popularly available in a variety of countries and comparing them against similar Lenovo products. All testing was conducted independently by CNET Labs, Beijing in December 2011, using the independent VTS tool — which is the industry standard measurement tool for PC boot times. The claim of "40% faster" is calculated from taking the midpoint of our Lenovo EE 3 notebooks and desktops, and then comparing that midpoint with averaged data from 49 competitor productsSample competitors include Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba. of similar configuration (Intel® Core™ i3, i5, and i7 PCs only). Performance varies by model and configuration. This measurement may differ from the time taken from pressing the power-on button until the appearance of the Windows® Start menu when measured with a stopwatch.
Process flow for boot measurement
Small Business

Large Enterprise
Think-branded products
Optimized for Business
Think-branded PCs that are certified with Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 for Windows® 7 are optimized for business. We've included robust security featuresNot all features are available on all models. to help protect your critical information. And we've improved web conferencing technology so that your online conferences put you in the same room.
Robust Security Features
Robust Security Features:
Superior Web Conferencing Superior Web Conferencing:ThinkCentre and ThinkCentre Edge desktop models require ThinkVision LT2323z monitors for superior web conferencing.
System Imaging Impact on Corporate Customers
Corporate preload images vary greatly. We optimize the software that's preloaded on a Lenovo system, identifying and correcting any performance bottleneck that occurs. Additionally, we install proprietary technology that further improves boot performance. Using Lenovo-provided BIOS, drivers, and software utilities significantly decreases boot performance issues. Nonetheless, there are three methods that our large enterprise customers can choose from:
  • Build corporate image using the Enhanced Experience 3 preload as a base and realize up to 100% of EE performance benefits.
  • Lenovo builds the corporate image to customer specifications, using Enhanced Experience 3 preload as a base, and customers realize up to 100% of EE performance benefits.
  • Build corporate image without using EE 3 as a preload, but installs the latest BIOS, drivers, and software utilities from Lenovo.com, and realize up to 80% of EE performance benefits.
Idea-branded products
Optimized for Multimedia
Idea-branded PCs and Essential computers that are certified with Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 for Windows® 7 are optimized for multimedia.Some features are optional or are only available on select models. Specially-designed audio components combine to produce richer life-like sound. Visuals are enhanced with an HD webcam that provides clearer video and truer colors for video chats.
Improved Speaker Design
Improved Speaker Design includes a round chamber with a dynamic tuning mechanism that uses the integrated microphone to measure the actual output of the speakers and automatically adjust the signal in real-time. Dynamic tuning counters any fluctuations and distortions. Additionally, rubber vibration isolators remove low-frequency vibrations to generate a richer sound truer to the original source.
Dolby Home Theater v4 and Dolby Advanced Audio v2
Surround Sound Support uses either Dolby® Home Theater® v4 or Dolby® Advanced Audio™ v2 to bring surround sound experience to your Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 PC — even with integrated speakers audio quality is significantly augmented. Whether you choose to listen through ear buds, headphones, or through your computer's speakers, you'll experience movies, games, and video-chatting like never before.

For details on specific models and the features they include, see the individual model details and/or tech specs.
Independent Audio Certification by Dolby® Laboratories
Technology Description Dolby® Home
Theater® v4
Dolby® Advanced
Audio™ v2
Audio optimizer
  • Produces flat frequency response, as on a high-end audio system
  • Custom-tuned to compensate for speaker response irregularities
Yes Yes
Audio regulator
  • Eliminates any distortion caused by speaker or chassis resonances
  • Custom-calibrated for specific PC models
Yes Yes
Dialogue enhancer
  • Improves clarity of speech on all material
  • Intelligently detects presence of speech and applies processing
Digital output
  • Encodes any audio into Dolby Digital for listening through your home theater
  • Connects to home theater system via HDMI® or S/PDIF
Graphics equalizer
  • Allows you to adjust frequency response to your liking
  • Ten bands for complete control
Yes Yes
Intelligent equalizer
  • Provides consistent timbre (tone) for all audio material
  • Dynamically adjusts tone during playback; user controlled
Surround decoder
  • Creates 5.1 or 7.1 sound from any two-channel input
  • Creates 7.1 sound from 5.1-channel input
Yes Yes
Surround virtualizer
  • Delivers enveloping virtual surround effect from all sources
  • Works with your PC’s built-in speakers or any headphones
Volume leveler
  • High-quality volume control solution
  • Maintains chosen volume consistently across all sources
Yes Yes
Volume maximizer
  • Boosts available volume by up to 12 dB (more than doubles the volume level)
  • Intelligently processes signal to avoid distortion
Yes Yes
Integrated HD Webcam
Integrated HD Webcam offers a video chat experience that feels like you're in the same room. HD 720p camera with an aspect ratio of 16:9 is perfect for widescreen visuals. Higher resolution improves image quality, while higher color saturation means more vivid colors. Plus a 17-step gray scale makes brightness and contrast much better.