Throughout 2012 Lenovo will expand the Lenovo Personal Cloud with additional services available to consumers worldwide. These may vary depending on which country you are in. Lenovo plan to offer a beta program where you can help fine-tune the new offerings. Below is a short list of the main features of the planned Lenovo Personal Cloud, including some solutions that are already available.
Simple Interface

A one-stop user desktop interface for your cloud applications, whether you use Windows®, Android™ or other platforms. The interface allows you to access your cloud in the same way, regardless of which of your devices you are using, without having to install specific software on each device. The interface is easily customizable to meet your needs. This offering is not yet available but will be a part of the Lenovo Personal Cloud beta program.




MagicShare technology allows you to share content and stream videos between multiple devices and users without having to copy the files from one device to another. This saves time, bandwidth and local storage space, leaving you free to share and interact seamlessly with friends and family. MagicShare supports multiple types of devices including PCs, tablets, smartphones and selected smart TVs. This offering is not yet available but will be a part of the Lenovo Personal Cloud beta program.



Store and Sync on Multiple Devices

Lenovo Cloud Storage by SugarSync allows you to backup, access, sync and share all of your documents, photos, music and videos between different devices including your computer, tablet and smartphone. You get the first 5GB of cloud space free, with the option of adding more storage as you need it. Lenovo Cloud Storage by SugarSync is available today and is standard on Lenovo desktops, laptops and tablets from April 2012, as well as available free as download for all customers.



Lenovo App Shop

Extend your cloud computing experience by accessing free or fee-based apps and services through the Lenovo App Shop. The Lenovo Appshop for both Windows® and Android™ is open today.




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