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Lenovo and The NFL

Last year, Lenovo entered a landmark sponsorship with the NFL, bringing the two top brands in their respective industries together. The sponsorship kicked off with a humorous video series and a contest that gave one lucky winner trips to every major NFL event last season.

This season, we're bringing you even closer to the players and NFL experiences that you pine for both in- and off-season: hilarious videos, co-produced with The Onion and starring Larry Fitzgerald, Matt Forte, Andrew Luck, Alfred Morris, and Mason Crosby; fun interaction with players on social media through the season; and giveaways like the Lenovo Fantasy Coach of the Year contest (The winner is officially recognized by the NFL as the top fantasy coach at the NFL Honors at the Super Bowl, and earns a spot on the Pro Bowl staff in Honolulu).

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At Lenovo, we're excited to open new doors to the world of the NFL, but we're even more excited about our products - now more than ever. Our latest Windows 8 convertibles add a new twist to your everyday tasks, whether you're hitting business from the blindside or ruling over your fantasy league.