Why buy Windows 8 Pro?

Windows 8 is based around the touch experience. Whether you're using Windows 8 on a laptop, desktop or tablet, the Windows 8 OS is more vibrant and beautiful than ever before.

With the new sign in menu, you can begin customizing your Windows experience to reflect you. Log in with a standard password or set a personal picture and log in by swiping or tapping points you determine on the screen. Tap the ears and nose of the family dog or draw a heart over your significant other and you're in.
As the most vibrant and interactive update to a Windows OS in years, the new Windows Start screen is the first thing you'll see upon logging in. Add apps to your Start screen from the Windows store and start getting live updates without so much as a click. See the latest sports scores, your friends' latest status updates and tomorrow's weather all on-screen at once.

Window 8 Pro is optimized for entertainment, work and much more. And the new Windows Start screen makes it easier than ever to switch from a game or social network to filing a report or updating a spreadsheet with little more than a swipe.

Windows 8 Pro includes all the great features of Windows 8 plus additional abilities such as receiving Remote Desktop connections the and ability to participate in a Windows Server domain. Bit Locker encryption, PC Virtualization, domain connectivity and PC management are other features that round out the Windows 8 Pro package - all optimized for small business or the corporate environment.

Office 2013
Cloud-Connected, Optimized for Touch, & Enhanced Productivity
More convenient than ever, the new Office offers choices that fit your situation and help to increase productivity - whether you're the owner of a small business, a single student, or the head of a household with multiple devices, Office has something great for you.

  • Time-saving features increase efficiency - like the new start screen with easy access to recent files on the cloud or on your PC, as well as professionally designed templates.
  • Cloud-connected - sign in to SkyDriveRequires Internet connection. to save your documents and settings to the cloud for easy access, sharing, and syncing. Share Office files in real time with anyone who has a connected web browser - even if they don't have Office.
  • Optimized for touch - responds to touch and stylus as naturally as to a keyboard or mouse. You can even handwrite email responses and automatically convert to text with Inking.
The new office choices
Office 2013: For use on multiple devices
For Use on Multiple Devices
  • Provides one-year subscription across multiple devices in a household (non-commercial)
  • Includes all Office appsWord, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access
  • Includes premium services like 60 minutes of Skype™ calling per month & 20GB storage on SkyDrive
  • Includes version upgrades, so always up to date
  • Works on both Windows OS & Mac
Lenovo's legendary keyboard. Now more comfortable and more accurate with simplified controls for Windows 8.
For Use on a Single PC
  • Provides perpetual licensing rights on a single PC
  • Includes various apps, depending upon the suite chosen
  • Connects and stores files & settings on the cloud with SkyDrive
  • Works on Windows PCs only

Free Trial
  • Most Lenovo systems include preloaded Office 2013, with a 30-day free trial.
  • Purchase of product key required to activate ongoing use.