Product Description
VXL Instruments is Lenovo's preferred Thin Client provider, offering to Lenovo customers worldwide the latest in thin client technology including Thin Client desktops, Zero Clients and Thin mobile devices. With the growing demands of desktop virtualization and secure cloud access, VXL can offer devices no matter what is driving your endpoint; VMware View, Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop and Microsoft Hypervisor or Terminal Services.

You can configure VXL Thin Clients with Windows Embedded Standard (WES2009 or WES7), Windows XPe, SUSE Linux and GIO Linux. No matter what device you choose, VXL also provides its XLmanage management software, free of charge, to make the management of your thin clients quick and easy, reducing the over-all support costs.

What's New
New product line announced. New high performance desktops, Md and Md+ Series, come with a powerful Via Eden 1.0 GHz Dual core processor and PCIe slot (Md+ series only) for expansion capability. The new Md12z, Xtona Pro, fast boot Zero Client desktop also uses the same Via Eden 1.0 GHz Dual core processor and is specifically designed for the Citrix environment. The entry-level K Series is our new ultra-slim desktop with an ARM Cortex A9 System-on-Chip (SoC) processor and an environmentally friendly, 4 Watts, power consumption.
Launch of the new compact Vtona V200 Desktop Zero Client using the latest Teradici TERA2321 PCoIP® Remote Desktop Protocol processor with Dual DVI. Developed in conjunction with Teradici, the new VMware™ certified Vtona PCoIP® Zero Client delivers a superior remote desktop experience for advanced users.
VXL provides the images for Lenovo ThinkPad mobile notebooks, All-In-One devices and Tiny Think Center "THIN". Offering joint account team coverage and sales support as well as joint service and engineering resource support.
VXL now offers a new Device Manager "FUSION" an enterprise-level software solution for managing thin and zero clients.
"GioPC" Repurposing Software is now available for customers that would like to give their aging PC's a new lease of life-available at a fraction of the cost of a new desktop or laptop PC.
Lenovo / VXL Thin Client Portfolio solutions are now in "TOPSELLER" and in "STOCK" at Tech-Data and Ingram.
Key benefits
Strategic Partners
Strong relationships with companies like Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Ericom.
Much easier to configure, update, deploy and backup. Reduced workload for IT managers, too.
Server-based storage makes data less vulnerable to viruses and other malware.
No mechanical / moving parts, such as disk drives that can break down.
Easy expansion
Quick upgrade, simple to manage, and longer life cycles.
Cost of ownership
Significantly reduce operating costs, power consumption and even lower utility bills.

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K Series(K54) - Thin Client desktop solutions
Entry Level Desktop Thin Client: ITONA K Series
K Series: K54 (Linux operating system), ARM Cortex A9 System- on-Chip (SoC), 4 USB ports, DVI-I port (VGA through DVI-I to VGA converter)

MSRP $211.90

The new entry level, System-on-Chip, K-Series delivers excellent performance over remote protocols such as RDP, ICA and PCoIP. Representing a significant advance in provision of low cost server-based computing, the highly specified K54 has exceptional build quality and incorporates very low power consumption, of 4 watts.

K Series(K54) - Thin Client desktop solutions
Value Expandable, durable and highly productive: ITONA F Series
F Series: F21 (XPe), F23 (WES2009), F24 (WES7) F35 (GIO Linux), 8 USB ports, 1.2 GHz Via NANO processor, Wireless a/b/g/n and b/g/n available, VGA and DVI-I capability, 2 Ps/2 Port and 2 Serial ports.

MSRP $290.00

A flexible, expandable, Value desktop thin client, the F series incorporates a powerful 1.2 GHz VIA Nano processor, 8 USBs and supports Dual display facilities in extended and mirror mode. Designed with the environment and durability in mind, the F series also features an external power supply combined with fan-less design that ensures an extremely low power consumption and excellent reliability.

Md-Series(Md26,Md27,Md54) - Thin Client desktop solutions
Performance - Efficient and Powerful desktops with excellent multimedia capabilities: ITONA Md Series
Md26 (WES2009), Md27 (WES7) Md54 (GIO Linux), VIA Eden 1 GHZ Dual Core processor, 6 USBs and 2 Secure USBs, 1 Parallel port, 1 Display port, 1 DVI-I port and 2 Serial ports (with optional 3rd), PS/2 KB and mouse ports, Wireless b/g/n available.

Md+ differs in that it includes a PCIe slot for expansion capability and is available with the same operating software options as the regular Md. The unit includes 6 USBs and 2 secure USBs, 1 Display Port, 1 Serial Port, PS/2 KB and mouse ports, Wireless b/g/n available.

MSRP $314.00

A flexible, expandable, high performance desktop thin client designed to deliver excellent multimedia capabilities. Advanced features include powerful Dual Core 1 GHz VIA Eden processor, 6 USBs, and dual display facilities in extended and mirror mode. The efficient external power supply combined with fan-less design ensures low power consumption with excellent reliability and virtually silent operation.

Tiny ThinkCentre - Thin Client desktop solutions
High Performance. Impressive multimedia. Lenovo TINY Series
Tiny Series: M92p and M72e (WES7)

MSRP $1,103.00   MSRP $522.34

Highest Performance Thin Client, Intel Core I5 Processor, Intel vPro capabilities, trusted protection module (TPM), EPEAT Gold, Energy Star 5.2, UL Gold SUSE.

Vtona V200 Zero Client. Designed to support VMware View™
MSRP $357.75

The latest VTONA V200 zero clients deliver a complete desktop experience for even the most advanced end user. Incorporating the latest Teradici TERA2321 PCoIP® Processor, ensures a rich multi-media experience supporting 3D graphics, CAD, video and more. Designed to support VMware View™, the VTONA V200 has no operating system, offers enhanced security, full USB and audio peripheral connectivity, and Dual DVI for multi monitor support.

F Series(F21,F23,F24,F35) & F12s-z Xtona
XTONA F12s-z fast-boot Zero Client. Designed for the Citrix environment:
Citrix HDX ready, VIA 1.2 GHz Via NANO processor, 8 USB ports, DVI and VGA interface, 2 Ps/2 Port and 2 Serial ports.

MSRP $290

XTONA PRO Md12-z fast-boot zero client. Designed for the Citrix environment
VIA Eden 1 GHz Dual Core Processor, Citrix HDX ready, 6 USBs and 2 secure USBs, 1 Parallel port, 1 Display Port, 1 DVI-I Port and 2 Serial Ports with optional 3rd.

MSRP $338.85

Mobile solutions
Lenovo ThinkPad based on 15.6" L530 / 14.1" L430 and 11.6" X131e models. WES 7 Operating System, portable, lightweight and powerful. Intel Celeron processor, 3G mobile, 8 GB of Flash and 2GB of RAM.

All notebooks come with Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard WES7 operating system, so it connects easily to a wide range of servers and networks. Powerful RAM & Flash memory - 2GB RAM & 8GB Flash, Docking station option, 3 USB 2.0 ports ( 1 powered USB) and 1 USB 3.0, Built-in WiFi, 6 Cell Lithium - Ion Battery.

MSRP X131e $789
MSRP L530 $914
MSRP L430 $924

XLmanage Software
XLmanage - Management Software:
Quick and easy management tool for Thin Clients. - FREE of charge - Available for VXL manufacture Thin Clients and Lenovo Branded Products.

Stay productive with easy-to-manage software and the most current tools. XLmanage software is user-friendly and ideal for quick, PC configuration, diagnostics and firmware updates. XLmanage network enables complete monitoring across all platforms.

Fusion - Thin Client software
Fusion - VXL Device Manager:
An enterprise-level software solution for managing thin and zero clients.

Available for VXL manufacture Thin Clients and Lenovo Branded Products, can be installed on regular PC systems.

Designed to free IT professionals from unnecessary support tasks and keep support costs to a minimum, VXL Fusion, provides centralized management using its intuitive and browser-based GUI for effective and convenient remote control.
Incorporating secure HTTPS-based communications and a powerful device policy for configuration management, VXL Fusion enables real-time asset management and health monitoring based on an industry-standard SQL database and optimizes remote software repositories

MSRP $29.95 for Software License + 1Yr maintenance & support

GioPc - Software
GioPC Edition - Repurposing Software:
Give your aging PC's a new lease of life with VXL's GioPC repurposing software solution -Available at a fraction of the cost of a new desktop or laptop PC.

VXL's new repurposing software solution, GioPC Edition, makes it quick and easy to turn your old endpoint devices (desktop PCs and Laptops) into secure, centrally managed thin client devices
Compatible with Citrix, VMware, Microsoft RDP, Virtual Bridges Spice/Verde and Quest vWorkspace, VXL's repurposing software can also be used in conjunction with, VXL's XLmanage, allowing organizations the ability to deliver an effective and managed solution using repurposed desktops and laptops

MSRP $33.25 for Software License + 1Yr maintenance & support