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Introducing the next-gen design 1U and 2U ThinkServer systems both with outstanding performance and a tremendous increase in memory capacity, all at a great price.

Servers & Storage ThinkServer RD340 RD440 TD340
  1. ThinkServer Rack Servers

    Balanced Design. Built for Business.
    For cloud deployments, database, or virtualization workloads, trust ThinkServer rack servers for the right balance of performance, power-efficient designs, & extensive standard features that deliver an impressive ROI.

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  2. System x Rack Servers

    Performance-Booster. Business-Critical Solutions.
    Great for small- to mid-range businesses, segmented workloads, & fit-for-purpose applications.

  3. Network Attached, Business-Class Storage

    Network Attached. Business-Class.
    Lenovo delivers simplified, centralized storage solutions for small businesses to enterprises with excellent performance and reliability, advanced data protection, & virtualization capabilities for your business-critical data.

  4. ThinkServer Tower Servers

    Workload Hungry. Budget Friendly.
    ThinkServer tower servers provide the performance, reliability, & easy-to-use tools to power your file/print and point-of-sale workloads. Perfect for small databases, basic virtualization, & office applications.

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  5. System x Tower Servers

    Affordable Versatility & Performance.
    Ideal for smaller businesses, smaller remote environments, & meeting stand-alone requirements.

  6. System Networking

    Open Interoperability. Simple Deployment.
    Designed for the data center & clouds: high-performance, software-defined network (SDN)- ready, & budget-friendly.

  7. High-Density Servers

    Maximum Processing Power. Usable Density.
    Powerful platforms for compute-intensive workloads, including technical computing, grid, analytics, cloud, & more.

  8. Enterprise Servers

    Fast, Agile, Resilient Platforms.
    High-end rack & blade servers suited for heavy vertical workloads, virtualization, & legacy system replacements.

  9. Blade Servers

    Flex Innovation. Performance With Scale.
    Optimized for large consolidation environments, server & infrastructure replacement, & remote environments.

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Lenovo has won more than 100 international awards for forward-thinking design.