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Enhance your management capability with the ThinkServer Management Module Premium option, allowing you to gain full remote keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) functionality and remote media access to your server.

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    Flexible Environment & Standard Interface

    The ThinkServer Management Module (TMM) is included in ThinkServer rack servers and select ThinkServer tower servers. And because it uses industry-standard interfaces and protocols, your ThinkServer can be managed using common management applications — without special or proprietary tools.

    Proactive Management

    With the ThinkServer Management Module, you can proactively monitor the health of your servers and take actions before an event impacts system availability. What's even more impressive is that the module provides access to the server to identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot events from virtually any location.

    Management & Maintenance

    With the ThinkServer Management Module, you can easily perform server management and maintenance functions, including setting up servers and modifying BIOS and RAID settings, monitoring hardware health, controling server power (e.g., reboot, shutdown, power on), and easing server upgrades.

    ThinkServer Management Module Premium

    With the optional ThinkServer Management Module Premium, you gain access to remote keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) functionality, as well as remote media access — allowing you to take control of a server remotely and perform most functions that would otherwise require a visit to the server. With ThinkServer Management Module Premium, you can broadcast video output to remote terminals, receive input from remote KVM, and access local media (DVD drive, etc.) from the remote machine to load software and updates, or even reload the operating system remotely.

    Warranty & Service Upgrades

    ThinkServer options are thoroughly tested for compatibility for seamless integration into your ThinkServer system. Best of all, they inherit the base system warranty of the server to which they are installed—including 4-hour service upgrades.


    For more information, see the ThinkServer Options and Upgrades brochure available under Resources, or use the Lenovo Quick Pick tool (linked above in Tools box).

    ThinkServer Management Module Premium
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