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Whether you're looking for antivirus tools or Lenovo's ThinkVantage Technology software, you can quickly download the latest software from Lenovo and our software partners.
ConstantSecure Remote Disable – Secure Your Sensitive Data
ConstantSecure Remote Disable allows users to remotely disable their stolen ThinkPad by sending a text message to the ThinkPad from their cell phone. This security tool is intended for use after the theft occurs. ConstantSecure Remote Disable enhances the value of encryption when used together as a tool to protect sensitive data stored on your ThinkPad.
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ThinkVantage Access Connections
Access Connections is a connectivity-assistant program for your ThinkPad or 3000 Family notebook computer. With Access Connections, you can quickly switch network settings and Internet settings by selecting a location profile.
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ThinkVantage Client Security Solutions
Client Security Solution, a ThinkVantage Technology™ is designed to help you protect PC-based computing assets. These assets include the PC itself, confidential data on the PC and the company network.

With our integrated fingerprint reader and password manager, users can replace hundreds of passwords with a swipe of their finger - which allows you to create a single password for all of your authentication needs.
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ThinkVanatage Productivity Center
Productivity Center is a ThinkVantage Technology which guides you towards self help on ThinkPad and ThinkCentre systems by making it easier to access related ThinkVantage Technologies. Organizations can customize Productivity Center to their particular environment with the ability to include custom Web links, applications, and help files.
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ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery
Rescue and Recovery is a set of self recovery tools to help users diagnose, get help and recover from a virus or other system crashes quickly, even if the primary operating system will not boot and you are remote from your support team.
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ThinkVantage Secure Data Disposal
Whether a PC is being cascaded in an organization or being retired, IT organizations will benefit from the following:
  • Data, programs, and any possible viruses will be destroyed on a PC before a new image is loaded.
  • Sensitive and/or confidential information will be destroyed permanently.
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ThinkVantage System Migration Assistant
System Migration Assistant helps get your end-users up and running by quickly and accurately migrating their individual data and settings to their new Lenovo systems.
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ThinkVantage System Update
System Update™ helps you reduce the time, effort, and expense required to support and maintain the latest drivers, BIOS, and other applications for Think or Lenovo systems. It enables you to get the latest updates from the Lenovo support site, or to automatically schedule your system to be updated.
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Sophos SafeGuard PrivateDisk Personal Edition
SafeGuard PrivateDisk is a compact file security solution that protects confidential files and folders against unauthorized access and intrusions by enabling the creation of a secure drive partition on your computer. The entire contents of this partition are stored in a safe area, completely protected from unauthorized access. Upon read, data is decrypted in memory for fast access that's completely transparent to the user.

Any differences from a regular hard disk are totally transparent to users. They can create, save, move, and copy files as usual. Users can save these encrypted files onto network servers, local hard disks, and any portable storage media (e.g., floppy or Zip disks, CDs, memory sticks).

SafeGuard PrivateDisk Personal Edition:
  • Available for use free of charge on Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkCentre PCs
  • Creates a secure drive partition on your computer
  • Advanced security algorithms
  • Encryption of all external media (floppy, Zip, CD, DVD, memory stick; flash memory card)
  • Authentication choices (password, X.509 certificate, smartcard)
  • SafeGuard Private Disk Enterprise Edition is available for a fee, and includes
  • Central administration for ease of management and lower IT costs
  • GPO (Group Policy Object) based features
  • Tools to create and activate Virtual Disks automatically
  • Central key recovery
  • CRL checking
This is full functioning PrivateDisk Personal Edition, completely free for "Think" PCs, it does contain a BIOS lock.
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