Lenovo Systems

Flex System Goes Beyond Blades

Flex System, a portfolio of chassis, blade servers, storage, and networking options represents an entirely new generation of technology, with more performance and bandwidth, true integrated enterprise SAN storage, and far more capability to consolidate and virtualize than previous systems.

Blade Server
  1. Flex System Compute Nodes

    Available With High-Performance x86 EX Processors.
    Price-optimized entry compute nodes to performance-optimized 4- and 8-socket compute nodes for your most demanding applications.

  2. Flex System Expansion Nodes

    Flexible Architecture for Exandability.
    Offers dedicated attachment for select standard PCIe adapters & dedicated storage capacity for network-attached storage workloads.

  3. Flex System Chassis

    Foundation for the Flex System for Now & for the Future.
    Accommodates any combination of compute, storage, networking, & management nodes.

  4. Flex-System Storage

    Optimized for Efficiency & Performance.
    Simplified storage administration & virtualized third-party storage.

  5. Flex System Networking

    Designed for Virtualization & Cloud.
    High-performance networking options simplify connectivity & support your bandwidth & latency requirements.



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