Highly Flexible & Resilient Blade Server Products

BladeCenter products help reduce the cost of business operations. Choose the blade server you need for each workload – inside or outside the data center – & consolidate your servers into one easy to manage platform.

  1. BladeCenter Servers

    Run Diverse Workloads in a Single Architecture.
    Support a wide selection of Intel® Xeon® processor technologies & operating systems. Reduce complexity, improve systems management, & increase energy efficiency while driving down total cost of ownership.

  2. BladeCenter Chassis

    Many Options. Pick the Right Fit.
    A selection of chassis including chassis for data centers, stores, remote sites, & non-traditional environments, give you a tailor-made solution to meet your needs.

  3. Expansion Blades

    PCI Express & Multi-Switch Interconnect Module.
    Attach selected PCI Express cards on selected server blades. Use Multi-Switch Interconnect Modules (MSIMs) to ensure redundancy and support server consolidation & virtualization.

  4. BladeCenter Networking

    BladeCenter Open Fabric.
    An integrated server I/O portfolio based on open technology provides a comprehensive set of switch modules, adapters, & smart management solutions to help you run your business.



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