Cost-Effective Performance & Endurance

Choose cost efficient drives to minimize budget impact, high-performance drives to suit compute-intensive workloads, or eXFlash DIMMS that scale linearly for optimal performance.

Solid State Storage Options for System x
  1. Enterprise Value SSDs

    Next Generation Solid-State Technology.
    Engineered for balanced performance & endurance in a cost-efficient design.

  2. Enterprise SSDs

    Low Latency & High Performance.
    Designed for write-intensive data center workloads such as database, HPC, virtualization, & Big Data.

  3. eXFlash for SSDs

    Maximum I/O for Your Application.
    Combines solid-state drive technology with an SSD-optimized controller.

  4. eXFlash Memory-Channel Storage

    eXFlash DIMM Capacity from 200 GB to 12.8 TB.
    Scales linearly for optimal performance when you need it.