Lenovo Systems

Cost-Effective Performance & Endurance

Choose cost efficient drives to minimize budget impact, high-performance drives to suit compute-intensive workloads, or eXFlash DIMMS that scale linearly for optimal performance.

Solid State Storage Options for System x
  1. Enterprise Capacity SSDs

    Space-Saving, Powerful Enterprise Solution
    Replace external rack storage with the highest capacity 2.5" SSD on the market.

  2. Enterprise Value SSDs

    Next Generation Solid-State Technology.
    Engineered for balanced performance & endurance in a cost-efficient design.

  3. Enterprise SSDs

    Low Latency & High Performance.
    Designed for write-intensive data center workloads such as database, HPC, virtualization, & Big Data.

  4. eXFlash for SSDs

    Maximum I/O for Your Application.
    Combines solid-state drive technology with an SSD-optimized controller.

  5. eXFlash Memory-Channel Storage

    eXFlash DIMM Capacity from 200 GB to 12.8 TB.
    Scales linearly for optimal performance when you need it.

  6. Flash Adapters

    Higher performance, lower cost, space saving.
    The perfect fit for a broad range of applications including database and cloud applications, big data analytics, and hyperscale datacenter workloads.



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