x86 Servers for Every Workload

x86 rack servers are great for small to mid-range businesses, segmented workloads and "fit for purpose" applications. Find an x86 server to match any workload.

  1. System x X6 servers

    Find out more about X6 servers under Mission-Critical Servers.

  2. System x3250 M5

    The most compact 1U rack server with room to expand.

  3. System x3550 M5

    1U rack server for any workload from print-server to cloud, or big data & analytics.

  4. System x3650 M5 rack server

    2U rack server for diverse, business-critical workloads, 24/7, with leadership reliability, efficient performance, & security.

  5. System x3530 M4

    Dense, compact 1U rack server with 2-socket, energy-efficient performance.

  6. System x3550 M4

    Dense, easy-to-use 1U rack server for pay-as-you-grow scaleability.

  7. System x3630 M4

    Most cost-effective, high-performance 2U rack server for data-intensive workloads.

  8. System x3650 M4

    Versatile dual-socket 2U rack server, optimized for cloud computing & virtualization.

  9. System x3650 M4 BD

    2U rack server purpose-built for big-data workloads.

  10. System x3650 M4 HD

    Two-socket high-density storage storage server featuring on-board 12 Gbps RAID controller. Excellent reliability, availability, & serviceability. Easy to deploy, service, & manage. Ideal for data analytics, cloud computing, data management, & business-critical workloads.

  11. System x3750 M4

    Dense, 4-Socket 2U rack server with advanced flexibility & expandability.



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