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Optimize, Manage, & Maintain Your Server Infrastructure

Systems management tools from Lenovo enable you to get the most from your systems throughout their lifecycle. These tools help you increase productivity, reduce operational costs, and lower overall total cost of ownership.

Systems Management
  1. Lenovo XClarity Resource Management Solution

    Deploying Hardware Resources Faster.
    Deploys infrastructure faster & with less effort with this centralized resource-management solution for administrators.

  2. Lenovo XClarity Integrators for Systems Management

    Extend Systems Management.
    Allows administrators to consolidate physical resource management in Microsoft System Center & VMware vCenter, reducing the time required for routine system administration.

  3. System Utilities Software for System x Management

    Get the Most From Your System x Servers.
    Makes managing your System x server environment less complicated, more productive, & more cost-effective.

  4. System Utilities Software for ThinkServer Management

    Get the Most From Your ThinkServers.
    System utilities built on open industry standards that can help reduce related IT expenses by increasing a server administrator's productivity.

  5. Network Management Software

    Reduce Complexity & Increase Network Efficiency.
    Catalog of plug-ins & content packs to enable networking integration with the leading brands & open-source platforms.

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