• Overview

    Centralize & Simplify Resource Management

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    Lenovo XClarity is a new centralized resource management solution that enables administrators to deploy infrastructure faster and with less effort. The solution seamlessly integrates into System x M5 and X6 rack servers, as well as the Flex System converged infrastructure platform. XClarity provides automated discovery, monitoring, firmware updates and compliance, pattern-based configuration management, and deployment of operating systems and hypervisors to multiple systems.

    Increase Efficiency

    Administrators are able to find the right information and accomplish critical tasks faster through an uncluttered, dashboard-driven graphical user interface (GUI). Centralizing and automating foundational infrastructure deployment and lifecycle management tasks across large pools of systems frees up administrator time, and makes resources available to end-users faster.

    Consolidate Infrastructure Management

    Lenovo XClarity is easily extended into the leading virtualization management platforms from Microsoft and VMware using software plugins, called Lenovo XClarity Integrators. The solution also improves workload uptime and service level assurance by dynamically relocating workloads from affected hosts in the cluster during rolling server reboots or firmware updates, or during predicted hardware failures.

    Improve Agility

    Lenovo XClarity can help advance data center agility through an open approach to software defined environments. The solution features extensive Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interfaces (APIs) that provide deep visibility and control over hardware resources from external, higher-level cloud orchestration and service management software tools. Developers can, for example, exploit the REST APIs to centrally orchestrate both the virtual and physical infrastructures to make cloud resources available to tenants faster. Developers can also leverage the APIs, along with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Syslog forwarding, to integrate Lenovo XClarity into external, higher level service management software tools in order to apply industrialized IT management processes to physical infrastructure.

    Contact your Lenovo representative for more information about Lenovo XClarity.

  • Features

    Intuitive, Graphical User Interface

    Dashboard-driven interface helps administrators find information and complete tasks faster.

    Auto-Discovery & Inventory

    Automatically discover Lenovo System x and Flex System infrastructure, and gain at-a-glance views of hardware inventory status.

    Firmware Updates & Compliance

    Reduce the labor required to track and comply with user-specified firmware levels throughout the system lifecycle.

    Configuration Patterns

    Rapidly provision and pre-provision multiple systems using configuration patterns, which contain a single set of defined configuration settings. Predefined UEFI settings can help jumpstart optimal server configuration patterns for specific workload environments.

    Bare Metal Deployment

    For simpler and faster delivery of systems, the solution uniquely deploys operating systems or hypervisors onto bare metal servers.

    Security Management

    Establish highly secure communications between the management solution and managed endpoints, with the ability to implement NIST SP 800-131A and FIPS 140-2 compliance.

    Upward Integration

    Manage hardware systems from Microsoft System Center and VMware vCenter virtualization management tools. Reduce workload downtime in clustered environments with dynamic migration of workloads during rolling server reboots or firmware updates, and predicted hardware failures.

    REST APIs & Windows PowerShell

    Manage systems on your terms, with Windows PowerShell scripts or from external, higher-level cloud orchestration and IT service management software tools leveraging available REST APIs.

    SNMP, SYSLOG, & Email Forwarding

    Forward Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Syslogs to external event consolidation software tools to aggregate, correlate, and monitor hardware events and runtime issues.

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  • Available Editions

    Features by Edition

    Feature Lenovo XClarity Administrator Lenovo XClarity Pro
    Hardware Deployment & Administration Tasks
    Automated inventory discovery & monitoring
    Firmware updates & compliance enforcement
    Configuration patterns
    Bare metal provisioning of operating systems & hypervisors
    Windows PowerShell
    SNMP, Syslog, email forwarding
    Supported Hardware
    Lenovo Flex System
    Lenovo System x M5 x X6 rack servers
    Other Lenovo System x servers  
    Automation & Resiliency in Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESXi Clusters
    Manage physical & cluster resources from the virtualization management console  
    Non-disruptive server reboots in clusters  
    Non-disruptive server updates in clusters  
    Predicted hardware failure-based VM migration in clusters  
  • Mobile App

    Lenovo XClarity Mobile App

    You can use the Lenovo XClarity Mobile app on all supported devices to monitor hardware that is managed by Lenovo XClarity Administrator instances.

    Using the Lenovo XClarity Mobile app, you can perform the following activities:

    • View the status summary of all hardware.
    • Monitor the detailed status of each device.
    • Monitor the inventory of each device.
    • Monitor audit events, hardware and management events, alerts, and jobs.
    • Perform power actions on a device.

    Note: Requires Lenovo XClarity Administrator 1.0.2 or above.

    Download Lenovo XClarity App            Download Lenovo XClarity App
    XClarity Mobile App
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