Lenovo Business Applications Solutions

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft Based Business Applications

    Lenovo Reference Architectures for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

    The Lenovo Reference Architectures for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 brings state of the art mail and collaboration capability to the data center. They can coexist within the prevailing infrastructure or be implemented as standalone units. When based on Lenovo System servers, the architecture supports large mail and collaboration services and they enhance enterprise communication systems with performance, reliability and ease of use on a choice of x3650 M5 or Lenovo Flex System. Clients can move from simply communicating to a highly productive environment based on team based collaboration.

    With the Lenovo Converged HX7500, IT managers can finally deliver highly scalable and responsive Microsoft Exchange services with large mailboxes – without the excessive costs and complexity of traditional shared SAN and NAS storage systems.

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    Lenovo Configuration for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

    Lenovo Configuration for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 helps organizations successfully balance organizational expectations for collaboration, complexity, compliance and cost. Combining the leading edge Lenovo System x3650 M5 server with the performance and flexibility of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, the Lenovo Solution for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 gives the reliability, system and storage scalability and power required to meet worldwide content creation and management needs.

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  • SAP

    SAP Business Suite

    The Lenovo Solutions for SAP® Business Suite with x3850 X6 and x3950 X6 systems deliver high performance, resiliency and extraordinary scalability for mission-critical SAP Business Suite applications. The Lenovo Solution for SAP Business Suite with the Lenovo HX Series hyper-converged solution offers unique scalability and manageability that can help reduce TCO. The Lenovo solutions for SAP Business Suite may also be deployed on blade systems as well as rack and tower offerings. The blade systems provide the capability to consolidate your key SAP database and application server workloads into a single managed environment.

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    SAP Business One

    With simple management, excellent performance, and rock-solid reliability, Lenovo Systems with Intel® Xeon® processors can power your SAP® Business One® applications to deliver the information your business needs.

    SAP Business One helps small businesses and subsidiaries streamline end-to-end processes to accelerate profitable growth. Add performance, reliability, and support for virtualization to SAP Business One with an infrastructure powered by Lenovo Systems and you have a winning combination.

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    SAP Certification

    SAP and Lenovo work jointly to ensure compatibility with SAP applications and Lenovo Systems. SAP requires that each hardware vendor certify their servers for use with the SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver® family of software applications for use with the Linux® and Microsoft Windows Server® operating systems

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