• Microsoft Cloud

    Lenovo Solution for Microsoft Hyper-V on Flex

    Microsoft® Hyper-V®-based cloud solutions for small- and mid-sized businesses provide a graceful transition from a completely virtualized environment to a private in-house and/or public cloud. This solution provides a seamless pathway to move from virtualization to a private cloud on a Flex System platform that has been validated by the Microsoft Fast Track program. Built on Lenovo x86 servers, Juniper® Network Ethernet switches, and IBM® System Storage® DS3500 Express, this solution is designed to be affordable, reliable, and highly available.

    Lenovo Solution for Microsoft Hyper-V on X6

    Lenovo Solution for Microsoft Hyper-V on X6 provides leading performance for analytical workloads and can be used to maximize compute performance for demanding applications. Lenovo X6 servers provide modularity and scalability in a system designed for high performance.

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  • VMware Cloud

    Lenovo Cloud RA for VMware SDDC

    The Lenovo Cloud Reference Architecture for VMware Software Defined Data Center brings state of the art Private Cloud capability to the small, medium and enterprise data center.  The primary benefit of deploying this architecture in a VMware Cloud environment is the ability to turn up new services faster and with less effort. This architecture draws together virtualized server, storage and networking elements enabling businesses running VMware vCloud Suite to respond quicker to customer demands and spend more time on innovation for the next generation of applications. Integrated with the Lenovo x3650 M5 servers, this architecture:

    • Provides businesses with an affordable and interoperable cloud architecture to manage all of their virtualized workloads
    • Is built around the latest products in the Lenovo Systems portfolio of servers, storage and networking
    • Combines VMware software and deployment best practices to reduce downtime

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  • OpenStack Cloud

    Lenovo Cloud RA for Red Hat OpenStack

    The Lenovo Cloud Reference Architecture for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform enables you to set up and roll out your virtualized infrastructure with optimized configurations for hardware, software and cloud deployment. The primary benefit from deploying this architecture in an OpenStack environment is the ability to turn up new services faster and with less effort.  This reference architecture design can help you simplify your infrastructure and virtualization management.  Its documented and tested architecture enables tailored interoperability with your systems environment and facilitates reduced complexity and maintenance costs for easier adoption of OpenStack technology. This architecture is validated with the OpenStack cloud operating system that combines the benefits of leading-edge technologies with mature, enterprise-ready features. The deployment of this Lenovo reference architecture enables:

    • Faster deployment of new services in OpenStack environments
    • Quick time-to-value
    • Reduced risk with pre-tested components
    • Use of recommended-practices in design and implementation architecture
    • Assurance that the complete reference architecture meets design expectations

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    Lenovo Solution for SUSE Cloud on NeXtScale

    OpenStack software-based cloud solutions are ideal for clients using IBM® and other open-source cloud vendors such as SUSE® and Red Hat® software for their mainstay IT cloud infrastructure.

    Lenovo Solution for SUSE Cloud on NeXtScale provides all the necessary components for a validated, small, yet scalable SUSE Cloud environment that is compatible with KVM, Xen®, Microsoft® Hyper-V®, and VMware® vSphere® hypervisors running on NeXtScale systems.

    Lenovo Solution for IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator

    Supporting fluctuating resource demands and the need for fast delivery, Lenovo Solution for IBM® SmartCloud Orchestrator on Flex System makes it easy to add compute, storage, and related networking resources to deployed infrastructures. Available resources within the compute, storage, or networking pools can be redeployed from one business task to another without requiring extensive reconfigurations. The solution automates and simplifies tasks that are related to creating and onboarding new workloads.

    Lenovo Solution for IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator on Flex, solution reference number: CLDSCOF0044

    Lenovo Solution for Cloud Manager With OpenStack

    Lenovo Solution for Cloud Manager with OpenStack provides a validated Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud solution using Cloud Manager with OpenStack and KVM® running on System x3650 M4 and System x3550 M4 servers. To improve budgeting and growth forecasting, the solution provides extensive system monitoring and usage tracking mechanisms, including support for various user and administrator roles, IT infrastructure usage monitoring, and automated management of multitenant cloud environments.

    Lenovo Solution for Cloud Manager with OpenStack on System x, solution reference number: CLDICMX0044

  • MSP Solutions

    PureFlex & Flex System Solutions

    Pre-configured server infrastructure or build-to-order systems – you choose. If you’re looking for a highly integrated system for infrastructure consolidation or cloud implementation, PureFlex System offerings can help simplify your IT experience. If you are looking to build your own system or upgrade an existing blade server installation, you can take advantage of a Flex System – a build-to-order solution designed to help you go beyond blade servers.

    Integrated infrastructure with integrated management and cloud capabilities, factory tuned with x86 and/or IBM® POWER® processor-based compute nodes, PureFlex System is the answer. Flex System supports a broad range of x86 in an innovative chassis design that goes beyond blade servers with advanced networking and system management, to support extraordinary simplicity, flexibility and upgradability.

    Lenovo Solution for Parallels for Flex Systems

    Managed service providers (MSPs) focused on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) can easily deploy this appliance-based cloud solution from Parallels. Medium-sized MSPs can deliver automated services quickly, reduce management costs, and speed the time to solution deployment on a cloud platform based on the Parallels Business Automation Standard (PBAS) product set.

    Lenovo Solution for Parallels for Flex System, solution reference number: CLDPARF0044

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