Lenovo Systems

Reliable. Modular. Cost-Effective.

Perfect for space-constrained environments and cost-sensitive customers who want to increase storage capacity.

Direct-Attached Storage
  1. Direct-Attached Storage

    Powerful Direct Access Storage
    JBODs and expansion units provide flexible, cost-effective, high-capacity storage.

  2. Network-Attached Storage

    Enterprise-Class NAS.
    Ideal for small business & multinational corporations alike, with up to 72TB total capacity, 10Gb Ethernet, an impressive list of software features, & very affordable.

  3. SAN storage

    Data Center, Virtualization, Cloud, & Big-Data Ready.
    Affordable SAN storage with advanced capabilities for small- to midsized businesses.

  4. Tape Storage

    Tape, Backup, & Information Management Systems
    Protect your business with a full complement of tape technologies.



Lenovo continues IBM's superior service and support, quality diagnostics, and problem solving.