Your Complete Source for Next Generation IT

Your Complete Source for Next Generation IT

Introducing new capabilities and new partnerships to rapidly deliver emerging technologies with a seamless customer experience to enable business growth.

  • Next Generation IT with new Lenovo ThinkAgile
  • Partnering with Nimble Storage to enable the data center of the future



Your Complete Source for Next Generation IT

Innovation and Partnership for Next Generation IT

  • Lenovo ThinkAgile

    Your Complete Source for Next Generation ITLenovo ThinkAgile

    Introducing Lenovo ThinkAgile

    Today’s data centers are an assortment of silo’d technologies with custom-built stacks for different applications. Most data center resources are spent on maintaining the infrastructure rather than growing the business. With Lenovo, there is a better way. Announcing Lenovo ThinkAgile, a portfolio of pre-integrated infrastructure solutions that will enable you to seamlessly integrate infrastructure and applications into a simple solution with breakthrough time-to-value and dramatically reduced business risk. With ThinkAgile, you will be able to deploy modern and efficient infrastructures, support mixed workloads and have end-to-end services for the data center.





    Watch the Lenovo Next Generation Data Center Video.

    Lenovo ThinkAgile CX Series

    Lenovo ThinkAgile CX Series is a platform of integrated and composable infrastructure that delivers IT agility, better TCO savings, and a transformative support experience. ThinkAgile CX series models will include a variety of cutting edge storage capabilities such as hybrid and all-flash arrays, hyperconverged, and open source software based storage, available fully integrated with a single part number to support the unique needs of customers. The debut CX Series offerings include the Nimble Storage Predictive Flash Platform. Upcoming CX Series offerings will incorporate Lenovo Converged HX Series appliance including Nutanix software.

    IT Agility

    • 3 weeks from order to ship of a complete on-premise virtualized platform
    • 2x faster install time. Ready to deploy workloads in hours, not weeks

    TCO Savings

    • Up to 33% savings over comparable offerings
    • Pre-installed systems management plus Day 0 pre-provisioning
    • Effortless integration into existing IT infrastructure

    Transformative Experience

    • 24x7 Single point of support from Lenovo
    • Storage Predictive Failure Analytics providing 99.9997% measured availability
    • Industry-leading “White-glove” deployment - standard with each installation



    Lenovo ThinkAgile CX Series
  • Nimble Storage

    Your Complete Source for Next Generation ITNimble Storage

    Partnering with Nimble Storage

    The Lenovo vision for the future of the data center is an open and flexible infrastructure that seamlessly integrates hardware and software for a transformative customer experience. Data centers will transform from cost centers to growth engines of business. To that end, we are excited to introduce our new partnership with Nimble Storage. A leader in flash storage solutions, Nimble offers predictive storage platforms that combine flash performance with analytics to accelerate data velocity and reduce IT complexity.


    Nimble Storage