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Lenovo ThinkStation family.

Lenovo ThinkStation workstations are the reliable, innovative workstations for those who do more. From architects, product designers, financial traders, medical and research professionals, to software designers and engineers, Lenovo creates workstations for those who push technology to its limits, achieve great feats, and leave their mark on the world around them. Like all Think-branded products, our workstations boast innovation and design excellence while delivering quiet, reliable, and powerful solutions for your work environment.

With the 30 series, Lenovo strengthens its award-winning workstation platform with the latest generation of high-performance Intel® Xeon® processors - offering unmatched multicore processing efficiency - combined with powerful graphics from NVIDIA. And with faster memory performance and transfer rates, our workstations empower professionals to do more - fast. Also, they’re now more energy-efficient than ever and are made with up to 65 percent recycled materials, making them eco-friendly as well as professional.

Desktop Engineering Magazine logo “Once again, Lenovo proves that its engineers know how to combine and configure quality components for optimum performance.”
Lenovo ThinkStation S30 review, November, 2012
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According to TBR, Lenovo ThinkStation workstations are up to 24% more reliable than its top competitors. Read the report.
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